Best to Let It

Life can be about warmth with someone. Finding those soft edges in one another. Landing somewhere. With them. It can be about that quiet spot independent of other activity. And forgetting for a bit. It can be about sharing part of your heart in exchange for a new piece. To hold. And keep. It can be about giving yourself over in wanting someone. Needing. It can be about tenderness and unhurried intimacy. It can be about the touch that soothes two people. And eases minds and bodies. It just can.

It’s all made unnecessarily difficult. Being vulnerable does not make you a victim. Being vulnerable does not mean you will be victimized. It simply means you have a heart that wants in the worst ways. And all the best. Vulnerability is a gift you have to offer another. And them to you. And it absolutely can make you weak for someone’s spirit. It just can.


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  1. When you invest in a relationship, any relationship, you become vulnerable. But as you point out, this does not make you a victim.
    I have to let this post rattle around in my head a while… πŸ™‚

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    1. I was glad I could put words to this tonight. It’s something I’d been thinking about for a while. There are those people who explain at length how ‘guarded’ they are…well, usually the same people who see their own softness as weakness. Through everything else, I still feel it’s more admirable to give that softness, at a possibility of being hurt. Rather than live your life ready for battle. Hard edged. Not allowing hurt *or* the beauty in the process. I don’t think I could give up those possibilities.

      Oh good, 😊 I hope it’s a positive ‘Rattlin!


  2. The soft focus, quiet spots are the best of all. They’re the ones that show up most often in the highlight reel of your relationship in the end, hopefully. That’s the part that allows you to forget the difficult, hurtful times. And allows you to be vulnerable again someday.

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    1. This is dead on. Those are the things that are the hardest to let go. Unfortunately, the same things that keep us blind to what was actually all wrong. But that may be a tiny little balance in the universe, too. Otherwise we all might be loony birds by now. (More so!)

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  3. This is so true! But sometimes, getting to that place of vulnerability takes a little time and then the other person feels betrayed or let down because it took time for you to feel comfortable enough to *be* that vulnerable. *sigh* Then it just sucks.

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    1. Agreed. I can count on one hand the things I’m fiercely private about. Everything else is like, will you please stop talking now? It often becomes a question of intention when there’s worry about letting someone in. Which I do understand fully. But you can still be *smart*, and vulnerable and let someone care for you. Not heartless…as it were.

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      1. Yeah same here. Only have a small few things that I like to keep private. Not from my blog, but IRL people haha. I’ve learned that sometimes, even if I don’t want to, to just bring up all those private vulnerable things right away. Easier that way.


            1. Ok good! πŸ˜‚ Oh geez, how does one answer that? I’ll just say Yes since you always seem to understand what I’m trying to say 😊😊😊

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            2. 😊😊😊 You’re welcome. Btw, I found the old .xml file of Theriverrunners. Didn’t know I had it. It’s encoded but I still have the post text. Now everyone is in big BIG trouble! Muahahaha

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            3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Yes!! There’s things there I’m dying to forget, unfortunately all of the comments were saved too, even the ones I deleted but I’ve always been extremely angry that I erased a page I loved to try to repair things when it didn’t matter anyway. That was all stuff that was very important to me that I put a lot of time into. A lot of it is completely irrelevant now but I’m glad to have the older stuff somewhere still.

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            4. That page had been short-lived. And to speak of struggles, I’ve witnessed them. *in the verge of being emotional right now, thinking of the last pieces you posted* I’m glad you have it! Although I liked the reinvention of the ghost more. 😢😢😢

              But I think I’m learning more from here! Most especially learning that rhinos are just obese unicorns 🀣🀣🀣🀣


            5. Oh my God, I’m cracking up! Yes…if you take one thing away from knowing me, let that be it! 🦏=πŸ¦„ See!?

              Yeah, it was only from January to June. Funny the time frame now looking back. πŸ€” I would never take that away from anyone but, so it goes.

              I found Reinvention really shallow compared to River Runners. I grew up a LOT in between the two. And especially from the end of that to now. I’m still looking through some of them. Hard when I know so much of it was used against me. Heartbreaking but it’s been made my past forceably. I’m good, though! πŸ‘Œ Can’t change a damn thing and that’s okay!

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            6. Yeah, could totally agree to that! River Runner was intense. Such a roller coaster ride. Saw the highs and lows. It’s also like the 128 colors of Crayola! Although in the mid of that time frame I had my own war going on.. really heartbreaking. And I admire you more for coming out of it!
              Woooah, this became suddenly heavy & cheesy. Hahahaha!

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