A Strange Dissension

At times, we are not nearly grateful enough for the companionship of one another. For the company and support of one another. It isn’t held and tended to. Or appreciated. It’s abused, and insulted. Thrown away. Dismissed. Placed below even the worst interactions. And marked off.

In this world of differences. So much to say. So many things to feel. So much hurt. So many things we could share. And teach each other. About so much. We would need to guard and value that connection. And those emotions. We would need the love of another. It would seem.

It would seem we could see things for what they are. It would seem we would want that connection. That we could speak intelligently as scarred adults, if nothing more. No matter how brief. Accept those hearts as they come. Learn from each one. They fit. They don’t fit. It’s all right. Antagonism needn’t have a place. There is no room for a fight. No room to disrespect such an investment. One human in another. In this world of differences.

There are other things to look at, if being cared for feels a threat to you. Your role is the first of those things. Your admissions. The inclusion of yourself. The purpose you intended in all of it. You would surely consider how it once felt to be heartbroken. Not just the satisfaction in breaking another.

Friendship is not an open door for cruelty. Or abuse of the mind or spirit of another. A tenderness and unique adoration are not paths to the repair of a bruised ego. Human souls, though flawed, are not expendable. They are not intended to be collateral damage while you pass through the life of another in this world. No matter how unimportant to you. No matter the justification of it. Or the silence.

Those relationships can be beautiful. And they can be simple. Human connection at it’s most basic of levels. A comfort. An understanding. Here and there, no judgment. Just an easy place to breathe and smile. Sometimes that’s enough. But sometimes it is nothing at all. When someone sees the things in you you already knew, and the ones you didn’t. That isn’t a threat. That’s a blessing. I hope you find it again.

There are no excuses. Truly.


9 thoughts on “A Strange Dissension

  1. Honest points. Really liked this.

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  2. Friendship can be beautiful, I like that. I find friendship difficult (autism makes it easy to forget the world outside my head and ignore the people I love). Thank you. Thought provoking

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    1. You’re welcome..😊 I understand what you’re saying quite well. I have some of those same struggles at times.

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  3. What a beautiful post, much of this really spoke to me but what spoke the loudest was this “Just an easy place to breathe and smile” I hope to one day find that place!!

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    1. Thank you 😊 It happens…doesn’t always stay. That’s okay too. But…it does happen.

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  4. It is wonderful post! Thank you for sharing!

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      1. You’re welcome! 🙂

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