Good Times!

Today, I can’t decide between the two! Maybe it’s just a little’a both 😊 GENIUS!

It might be 1 o’clock, and it might be 3.
Time don’t mean that much to me.
I ain’t felt this good since I don’t know when. And I might not feel this good again.

Any time you’re out from under.
Not gettin’ hassled. Not gettin’ hustled.
Keeping your head above water.
Making a wave when you can.

Been dyin’ for a post to use this on!

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            1. Haha, MARSHA! I love Fish. I remember seeing him as Sal in the Godfather when I was a kid and thinking it fit perfectly after watching the show for years with my dad, lol.

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            2. I was gonna say that but I see people gloss over whenever I say ensemble, LOLOL!!!! I’m cracking up and yes, it does come up that often, hahahah.

              Moonlighting is one of my favorite theme songs too. Al Jarreau

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            3. My mom told me for years to watch Monk and I never did, even though I really like him and I’m sure I’d relate! I think I was busy with a little one.

              It just comes up a lot cause I’m a sucker for that magic group of people who play off each other. Family Stone and Parenthood (😭). And all of Neil Simon’s plays are that way and I was delighted with Murder by Death and things like Clue and even Eulogy (tho those aren’t his). I can even see it in small shows like 3rd rock from the sun and Just Shoot Me. Shows that wouldn’t have been crap without that cast. Parks and rec is like that too. Barney Miller, Taxi and Night Court in that era.

              For so long I’ve had to look deeper at classical music to know exactly what’s going on and I’ve also spent *many* and hour going over Danny Elfman arrangements because they feel like my mind (I know…but they do). Comparing Ravel to Gershwin…the word ensemble just comes up a lot for me! Haha

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            4. Dan fielding, Sam Malone and Hawkeye were always my favorites when i was little cause I thought they were so cool. Now as an adult I can see they are all goofball womanizers but I had no idea then! Lolololll!

              Frasier is one of my all time favorites but I don’t tell many people I stream it on Netflix often…well, until now I guess.

              So…Gershwin was a big admirer of Maurice Ravel and you can see it in some of the more orchestral things he did like Rhapsody in Blue. This is my go to Ravel piece when I need a breather (and also to feel like I can be industrious on any given morning) and you can hear it for sure. I’ll paste it in. It gets going after a few minutes.


            5. Womanizers yes….but that was their tragic flaw, for lack of a better term. They cared too deeply, but in an effort to shield from hurt they looked for solace in women. I LOVE Frazier. Favorite sit com ever. It was classically brilliant, both the writing and the acting. I sometimes crack myself up thinking about some of the lines. I could watch that show and never tire of it. Going to need to get more music tidbits from you!

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            6. That’s very true and maybe I could sense that as a kid. Although Dan…idk, I only saw his heart once or twice, lol. I think he cried once on the show or was being really serious about somethinh and it blew me away. He’s a great actor but comedians always are.

              I do that too when I rewatch it (all the time). I always hear stuff I missed before. I met John Mahoney at a bar in Chicago years ago and felt like a dick saying I love the show but….I REALLY did love the show! My favorite the other night was Martin said “you know when it said Party Size on that bag of cookies, it didn’t mean Party of One” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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            7. I still, to this day, refer to the shitty seat by a bathroom or kitchen in a restaurant as The Enchanted Grotto πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Every time.

              Yes! Pretty sure it’s on netflix.

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            8. He had a great bit in an episode of Parks and Rec. “It’s been an interesting ride. Got a job at a grocery store right out of college. Just a way to make money. And here I am 40 years later…completely unemployed”

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            9. Yes. Absolutely especially if you like shows like Frasier. It’s got a great script and a great cast of Misfits and you want to pull for each and every one of them. I can’t stand shows where everybody on the show is lacking any sort of human quality. I tried to watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia once and all the characters were so deplorable that I turned it off after a couple episodes. And I don’t care too much for Amy Poehler so I always ignored the show while it was running. I started watching it a few years ago and I think I’ve watched the whole series about 10 times now. Her character is so lovable and determined that you can’t help but like her in it.

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            10. I don’t love Amy poehler either, which is why I shied away from the show. I admit I’m tired of tv lately. There are very few shows that I enjoy. I think with so many different things to view, tv shows have almost jumped the shark. I think the storylines are just getting ridiculous.


            11. I haven’t had cable in 3 years because it was bugging me so much so I have no idea what most things are that everyone watches. I’m not a huge TV guy. I just like what I like. Not much space for new stuff in my head.

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