Taking a Breather

…And now I’m gonna have nightmares about F#@king Mermaid Cove! I bring it on myself cause I wanna, dammit! I’ve been working on the pre schoolyear cleanup of mass accumulation and remembered these all tucked away along with the dog bed zipper covers I no longer need. So…been a day.

Anyway…not quite full power tonight…it happens. With Ron Swanson by my side, I will persevere.

And I’m silently creating The Planet’s Most Amazing macaroni salad. Shhh.

“I think it’s pointless for humans to paint scenes of nature when they could go outside and stand in it.”


22 thoughts on “Taking a Breather

  1. Nadia Czarina Mae August 14, 2017 — 11:16 pm

    I got extremely nauseous seeing those tiny pieces! Lol 😂

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    1. Me too, ha. It’s a nice distraction for my mind though. I’m not doing too bad on it, but I finally just abandoned doing any more buildings for all ocean pieces. 😳

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      1. Nadia Czarina Mae August 15, 2017 — 2:09 am

        Lol! I’m really, really having a laugh on it! Just looking at the pieces makes my head hurt already. What more if I touch it already. It’s not that I don’t like building up jigsaws. I do like it. It’s just, it’s a lot of pieces 😂
        And I would agree, totally a breather!

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        1. It is a LOT of pieces! Lol! But good news! I got the sky and water separated from the rest of the shit finally 🙌🙌🙌

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          1. Nadia Czarina Mae August 18, 2017 — 8:16 am

            Wow!!! Bless you, Sammy! You done now?


            1. Nadia Czarina Mae August 19, 2017 — 9:00 pm

              Lol! It’s gonna be okay! Do it again & try 🙂

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  2. We just completed a 300 piece puzzle of Big Ben because that is one of King Ben’s latest obsessions. He saw the picture on the box and had to have it.
    Good luck😝


    1. Nice! So far I’ve got the fence, tan house and both red houses, lol. I used to really like those 3D structure ones but I haven’t bought one in 20 years 😲😲😲 I think there actually was a Big Ben one of those.

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  3. 😱shhhh….don’t let my Ben know😩😧

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  4. Just seeing those tiny pieces puts me in a cold sweat 💦 you have my admiration 👍

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    1. I thought I would feel that way too, hahah. Then I did the frame and felt better….*marginally* that is!

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  5. But would Ron actually be by your side? I know a lot about him now (already over half way done season 5…I literally have done nothing else for the last week except work) and I feel like he’d probably just steal your beer and walk away lol he has no time for puzzles – unless they are riddles haha

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    1. Swanson doesn’t steal! 😲 GASP! Even when he stole cable for an hour he paid back the company!!

      I picture him sitting with me asking me what my life goals are while I assemble the ocean. And I think given his love of riddles, he would join in when there were tricky pieces to find 🤔

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      1. Lol okies he wouldn’t steal your beer, just drink it hehe. The show just keeps getting so weird. Im thinking it should have stopped after season 4? Lol

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        1. You mean post election?? It actually stays solid after they do some retooling for her new position.

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          1. After she married Ben it kind of went off for me. Right now they just combined the two towns into one. I’m sticking with it, don’t worry! I will most definitely finish it haha

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            1. It is weird I grant you…I feel it kind of lays low after a bit though..funny, I think I’m right back about where you are now.

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            2. Haha ok. I am enjoying it! Im glad it was recommended by a few people.

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            3. “My Nana was really into the devil…”

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