A Clean Sweep for Funsies

Wednesday is a short day for me, and it’s been a rough week to say the least. So, when I got home yesterday after three loads of laundry, two dishwashers full and vacuuming up what the dogs left from a movie sized box of Mike & Ike’s spilled on J’s carpet (as I said…rough week), I retreated down to my newly *emptied* office. ‘Halleleur!! I’ve been dying to get to it and make a space for myself. Which, with all the womanly doings around this house, is hard to come by nowadays.Β 

Mr. Newlywed has been informed that pickup on his longbows, tents (plural) and last three tiny containers of garbage needs to happen (…it’s garbage, Dude), because they’re an eyesore and impeding the beauty of my haven. And if you think that’s not exactly how I put it, think again.

Bear in mind, it’s been a year and I’ve never used this room. So, for me, this was like being a kid in a candy store. The wonders to behold with wall to wall built ins! 😍😍😍 After everything else was cleared out of here, I realized how much extra space there was. I was unpacking things I haven’t seen in years…haven’t had time for…haven’t wanted to use. The first step was happily uncovering all my old drawing stuff, plus new things I’ve been setting aside for a year or more. Β Yep. The pen and marker whore resurfaces. SO excited! Add that to two tubs full of old journals and notebooks and it was quite the happy discovery for me.

After all my stuff was put away…I thought damn…this is a *crazy* fun room now. And, what started as a space for me, didn’t end up that way. I decided to bring all things Art and Craft to me…Come To Me you gorgeous devils! I made my daughter a cozy set up right next to mine for all our tinkerings.This too…And this cabinet is all hers. Pretty much everything in her reach that she needs, well…for the better part of forever. Thank you, good people of Michael’s! Thank you, healthy hoarding instincts!

‘Cept these….these are MINE! Ain’t it purty!?

After I moved her table, poor Snowball followed me and the table and was absolutely frantic that her safe space was gone…And, since I know exactly how that feels…I made her a new bedroom.

Now everyone is happy in their own space!😁 Have a great day, friends!



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  1. There must be a teacher in you somewhere…oh wait, you ARE one, right? πŸ™‚ You are very organized! I hate clutter but will accept clutter if it’s neat and tidy and organized…
    Ikea has these 3-tired kitchen carts on wheels – I bought one for my 9yo daughter who loves to create and craft and doodle so she can keep all her supplies in it no matter where she wants to do her crafting. Got the idea from someone who uses it for booze. πŸ™‚ We put markers and pencils in the top part in old jars, glue and rulers and eraser and small knicknacky things in the second, and paper and larger sketchbooks in the bottom. She pulls it toward the tv and watches SpongeBob while making stuff. Quite nifty.

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    1. Hahaha! Thank you πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— It’s pretty satisfying to have everything in one place finally! And the middle wall has floor to ceiling book shelves which are now filled up too 😍

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  2. Ommmmgggg!!!!!!!!!! I have so many arts&crafts ideas coming after seeing the materials 😍😍😍😍 darn, I’m drooling with all the coloring materials! And look at those pens 🀀🀀🀀
    Wow, even the cutie bunny had her own space πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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    1. Ill send you a picture of the fine points i got last month. I keep them with my books when Im feeling shaky but they’re the most amazing ones Ive found so far. They weren’t in this hoarde believe it or not!

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        1. Lol! My daughter brought me some cool coloring books from Hallmark while I was in the hospital and I got hooked and later went in search of the *perfect* fine line, NON feathering markers…


            1. What I mean is if they think they’re trying to “protect” us by letting us spam links and not allowing photo comments….they’ve got lots of work to do in other areas…..

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            2. Yeah the little one got me hooked. Its getting better now but my hands were super shaky after I came home so her and I did a *lot* of coloring. Ive got too many books now and no time!


  3. I find it so interesting that you are so crafty. I love crafts. But most guys aren’t. So what do you paint? My Lord a mighty that is a lot of paint. I learned to sew recently and love it but I have always loved making things. I love the room some day when my older two move out, which sadly is probably soon, I am taking one of their rooms for myself.

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    1. Hah, it’s kind of a long (boring) story but I attribute it to a lot of things. It started with my mom who I was extremely close with and she painted a lot…we used to make little cartoon strips when I was a kid. Cause I loved Family Circus, lol. Then being on the more liberal artsy side in school, all my friends were writers, musicians and artists so…it was always kind of in the forefront. Having two daughters, one still small, always gave me the opportunity to dig up stuff we saw in magazines or on the internet to make. And a reason to buy creative materials and keep them on hand. To tell the truth some of these paints are probably dried up from stuff long ago but we’ve used them from bird houses, to recoloring shopkins to all kinds of signs for ideas she gets. Something Ive always done with them is salt painting which is strangely addictive. We’ve been drawing and painting a lot of characters lately in hopes she’ll create her own like I used to….then we paint them up! I also like to leave stuff around for her and make it accessible because she operates a lot like me and will have ideas at 4am to “make something” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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      1. Well I think that is awesome. I think It is great when dads spend time with their little girls. and do girly things. I could craft all day everyday. I think it is relaxing and it helps me keep my mind off things. Life is too stressful most of the time and I just need an outlet. I see you play the guitar? I started learning the ukulele this year. I am not perfect but hey ….I can play a few songs. I feel like I accomplished something. lol keep those girls crafty and creative … they will be happier in life

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        1. That’s exactly why it has to stay available. Stress eliminators at their best. Hah, I actually have a couple of guitars stocked away that I used to play but my daughters boyfriend sort of took ownership on. The little one is a mandolin that she mucks around on now and again after realizing the violin wasn’t for her. I’m doing my best to teach her how to read music but…I think it’s going to require something privatized and more objective than me!

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          1. LOL I have taught my self the uke from You Tube but my kids are crazy talented. My daughter plays a multiple instruments, mandolin, piano, flute, guitar. My son plays the drums and guitar. The little guy …nothing yet but he is wanting to learn something.

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            1. Nice! And bettas don’t live that long either! 😲 I protested against the tank cause I have too many furries to keep track of but my daughter promised they’d be *hers*. I imagine they have names but I just call them The Garcia Brothers collectively cause I have noooo idea about anything FISH!

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            2. Tropical fish are tricky. Keeping the temperature and water condition happy is a bit of a task. Just when everything is situated, it’s time to clean the tank! Now I stick to fish that can live in bowls!


            3. I had a red betta years ago and he had a bowl inside a little wooden box that looked like a TV lol. It was manageable. But a tank is just too daunting and involved, lol.

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            4. My youngest son insisted on fire belly toads. We set up the tank and the entire environment. They lived for a long time. He was in charge of paying for their food weekly. And, helping to clean the tank. When he had to spend his money to feed them, it was serious stuff. If he didn’t have enough money, he had to do chores to earn it. Ownership is important with pets and kids

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            5. I tried that recently with my youngest and a hermit crab that got begged for. She did really well with all of his waters, sponges and sprays until she ‘moved out’ of her room to sleep with me for a week and forgot about all his care….luckily they are hearty creatures. 😨

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