Serenity, Now!!

My class and I walked over to this farmstand after we met up this afternoon. The promise of donuts was just too great. So was the chance to patronize a local grower which is part of our community building project. It was a beautiful 80 degrees and I was in secret pre-Halloween heaven. 🎃🎃🎃  Much was accomplished today and the quality time outside the classroom was a good boost after spending a week down with a popped nerve in my jaw! 

Happy Fall! Enjoy!


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  1. Omg – donuts?! I hope you saved some for all of us 😛 and a popped nerve in your jaw? That can’t be good for eating donuts.
    Please tell me you bought one of the ugly pumpkins! I saw one this morning at my grocery store which had green pumps all over it and I just felt so bad that no one was going to want it because it was ugly and not worthy to be carved but I had to leave it there 😦
    I kind of feel bad about this next statement, since I spend an awful amount of time on your blog…but I had no idea you were a teacher? Did I just gloss over that little tidbit of information? What do you teach? I really do feel so out of the loop now haha.

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    1. I have one good side currently lol! Its exhausting!!!

      You are obligated to purchase the ugly ones! I liked the olive colored one that looks like it blew up then melted but what I got were the white ufo shaped ones. Ive never seen the variety that this guy had before. I didnt even get pics of some of the really weird gourds! Plus they had tiny teeny regular pumpkins that are now outside the barbie dreamhouse…perfect size 🙌🙌🙌

      Oh no, hah! Ive made quite a few posts about it! I started this particular page just 3 months ago but yeah, they’re there! I’m and English and Literature teacher by trade, if you will, but this year I’ve imposed some extras on myself. Like including internet etiquette as an underlying thread in most of my classes. The words Hell in a Handbasket come to mind when considering the grammar and presentation of today’s youth so it’s a *huge* concern for me. This particular group, though, is a character and community building leadership extracurricular I do on Thursdays. Which I haven’t before and it’s been great fun.

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      1. Goodness! Teeny pumpkins perfect for a barbie house?! That’s so great!!
        And that sounds like an awesome combination of things to be teaching. Grammar is such a huge thing for kids these days. I correct the kids I nanny all the time because their sentence structure and use of words can be so horrendous. I have lost count of how many times I have corrected “many” and “much”. *slams head into the desk* It’s so frustrating lol. And I have total respect for anyone teaching in schools – been there, done that, hate life, was starting to spiral into darkness, needed to stop. It takes a very special kind of person to be able to do it.

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        1. Aw, me too. It’s so great! 😊 I have four patches on my list that we do each year, one of which involves a treacherous hayride over a dirt embankment between 2 little lakes to get the to pumpkins! Its horrifying but its my favorite! Lolol

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