Anudder Snow Day!

This all happened last night after I went to bed. And there’s a layer of ice under it. The rumblings of work being called off seemed preposterous since it was 60° yesterday. So now I’m, quite literally, chillin’ for my four day weekend! And hopefully some time to catch up on WP (And five loads of laundry, brutal forced marches and soul crushing discipline…that sort of thing).

Talk to you soon, Friends!


29 thoughts on “Anudder Snow Day!

  1. I’m sitting in my car eating lunch right now and watching the FREEZING RAIN AND SNOW FLURRIES. It was SEVENTY degrees yesterday.

    1. That seems to be happening everywhere! Its a little disturbing. I mean…am I reorganizing my basement today instead of working? Sure! But STILL!

      1. It’s always up and down here, but usually not quite to this exteme…
        Shut up. I need to be cleaning out closets and cabinets but if wait for a snow day, Imma just die in the middle of my old Tupperware and ill-fitting garments.

        1. So what Im hearing is Tupperware Scarecrow Sculpture.

  2. We went from upper 70s (in Jan…WTF??) to pouring rain and snow in the mountains. Now we’re switching back to low 80s for the weekend.
    What is with this weather?? Looks like you have the perfect weather for burrowing under blankets with a good book!

    1. Its crazy areas that don’t ever get those extremes ARE! It’s a little mindbending 😣😣😣 Yes I’m being very productive today. Lots of organizing and early spring cleaning, cause like…spring *could* come tomorrow I guess!

  3. We got cold on the way too….stay warm!

    1. Thank you! You too 😊 I have to say, when the wind kicks in I lose all my warm fuzzy love for winter but…still snowing at least so that’s the payoff!

      1. Yeah, wind blows….😂Unless it is humid. Then it rocks! 👍

        1. Lolol, totally agree! 😆😆

  4. It’s coming here too….first we had snow, then we had ice, now everything is melting because it’s pissing rain, and that is turning back to snow and over the weekend back to ice.


    1. I’m cracking up because I always say ‘It’s pissing rain’ 😂😂😂 It rained ALL day yesterday and now these layers of ice and snow are the reason I’m at home! I refreshed my weather app this morning and it went from 55 and raindrops to 30 and snowflakes!! I had to get my butt out of bed and see it to believe it, lol!

  5. Yesterday we had SO MUCH SNOW! Then it started to rain and today there is no snow. Tomorrow is supposed to be -12 with LOTS of snow. This weather is bananas.

    1. Surprisingly there’s no plagues spreading from this quirky shit Mother Natures throwing around willy nilly….yet!

      1. Fingers crossed for you!! Hopefully it stays that way 🙂

    1. I knooooo 😣 It’s ‘hermitizing’ me!

  6. I’m not sure if in this scenario it’s appropriate to say this but … have a nice long weekend!

    1. Yes, it absolutely is! I was pleased for the break and snowy blowies. Just trying to keep my motivation rolling too!

  7. Huh – here it was 38C yesterday, today it’s cold and windy in the teens, in a couple of days it will be 41!! I want snow!!!!!

    1. Maybe you’ll get some of that ‘Crippling Heat Snow’ I’ve been hearing about! 😂

  8. Wow Sam! Pretty photos but crazy weather! Be safe and enjoy the 4 day weekend! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Being productive but my mood has been crap. Got some family stuff going on and I just want to rest mentally. Not sure when that’s gonna happen! 😣

      1. Take the time for yourself to make it happen so that you can rest. Sending you a hug and hoping all calms down!

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