Only I Didn’t Say ‘Fudge’!

It was definitely time for some adventuring. I’ve been stretched to my limit lately with my father who’s out of his element and quasi helpless for the time being. Between that and the Keystone Cops care operation he’s surrounded by the last few days, my little one has been missing out and has been tossed around more the last few weeks than she has been in two years. It’s the end of the school year and we are both overwhelmed with respective deadlines and end of year events. I haven’t been home a lot, day or night, with nursing home visits and, well, babysitting him and when I started to notice my daughter asking for WAY more ‘Alone Time’ than usual, I figured it was a good time to devote the day to her. We both needed a major break. It was borderline chilly, sunny and windy as hell. I reinstalled our Geocaching App and off we went.

This is something I’ve done for years and I have great stashes of stuff retrieved from caches around the U.S. A few years ago the phone app stopped being very accurate and the handheld Garmin I bought in its place just wasn’t user friendly enough (it hated me). The kids and I had a few mostly failed attempts and gave up. I noticed recently that they’ve upgraded to a pay locator in order to make sure everyone playing is in it for the good of the game. So I figured maybe they had debugged the bugs. We only had accuracy of + or – 15 feet but we were all in all very successful!

For anyone unfamiliar, there are thousands and thousands of these hidden in the world and, most likely, nearby wherever you may be. Ranging from large boxes full of trinkets down to so miniscule you can’t spot them. I’ll get to that in a minute. They’re placed officially with permission from whoever owns the grounds based on given coordinates to help you locate them. And, technically, the finds should be done in secret so that ‘outsiders’ do not abuse or remove the caches. Ideally you sign the logbook and if you take something, you should leave something. We always have a Ziploc bag of junk to help refill caches that are fairly empty.

The first in line led us to a very small cemetery that was in poor care. Due to humungous spiders and overgrowth we didn’t find this one but it’s marked to try again if they should ever weed whip these poor stones. Here are some pictures of the grounds and if you zoom in, some interesting info about the history of the plots.


The next one was somewhere in another tiny cemetery, this one very well kept. It was a small match container and there was only enough room inside for a rolled logbook. No treasure but we left some gold rings to spice it up. This size would be considered a ‘Nano’.



Next, a ‘Medium’…can you see the container hidden in the crook of the tree?


This next one would be considered a ‘Small’ was found in a park on a golf course. Along with some treasure it had the original logbook! Exciting!



And just so I can illustrate why I don’t usually hunt less than Small containers…this was a ‘Micro’ stuck behind a guardrail on a desolate back road. The idea here is simply to sign your name. She was so pleased with herself to have found this successfully.



This was the favorite of the day. Placed by the owners on their own property, they had their cache hidden in a birdhouse rigged with a pretty elaborate pulley system to retrieve it! This one had a Travel Bug from New York but we didn’t take it because we probably won’t be going too far in the next few months to help further it’s journey.


There were apparently two Mystery Sized caches nearby on these but since we didn’t know what we were looking for…we didn’t look too hard.

One of my favorite things about caching is that it leads you to find natural areas and landmarks that you’d otherwise probably never know about. It’s a game to get you outdoors and also to appreciate and care for your surroundings. They will never be hidden anywhere where you are made to destroy so much as a weed or walk where you aren’t already supposed to…which is why this next one caused me some confusion.

We found it with no problem but couldn’t figure out how to get to it unless one of us dropped down below the deck and walked through the weeds. My daughter said, “Okay, who’s gonna take the sacrifice!?” You’re lookin’ at him. I went down alongside the boardwalk and through the brush where I instantly started feeling like razors and fire were cutting at my legs. I thought I’d been bitten but apparently I’d dropped down into a ginormous thicket of Stinging Nettle. I climbed four feet back up over the deck to avoid going back through the Horror Patch. It was only when she was picking from the box that the long wire attached to raise and lower it became ridiculously obvious. Long story short, here came the white welts, the cursing began and I smeared myself with Neosporin back at the car. Treasures were had, we both got a much needed break and bonding time, we walked a total of seven miles together on a beautiful day and we live to cache again another day!


28 thoughts on “Only I Didn’t Say ‘Fudge’!

  1. My daughter used to do this with her friends. Thanks for the reminder about Geocaching! I might just have to go on a treasure hunt myself.
    Movies, treasure hunts, runs through beautiful parks… you’re doing a lot better than I am keeping the balance. I need to put more effort into the “want to” instead of always the “need to”.💌💌💌


    1. Its usually not until the point of breaking that I search for balance again. With recent stuff she’s been a good reminder that we both need our time together or just doing things we like. Not *always* always just what we HAVE to do! So hard to remember!

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  2. Sounds like fun but wasn’t there something like this a.?while back that was being used for trafficting?


    1. Ha, Im not sure, I dont follow much news. 😔 This is a worldwide public game that’s just about 20 years old now. Each of theirs requires it being registered with groundspeak and have an identifiable owner and creator that’s obligated to maintain and be responsible for their caches. Im sure anyone wanting to hide anything could ‘cache’ it and give out coordinates to someone specific. But these are accessed and registered publicly throughout the world. Definitely nothing more than junk drawer trinkets and all in good fun.

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  3. Adventuring at its finest😀 I’m so glad you guys did this.


    1. Gurrrrl, you know we had to DNF a few with a sad blue frowny face but we may go back to them at some point. These were all pretty much in Chelsea so we will have to hit a new spot next time. The city ones crack me up cause we’re so awkward with people staring at us. I tell my kid to look casual and she starts pacing around like an old timey lazy police officer in a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

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      1. 😂😂😂😂😂 That’s SO me. I get embarrassed, but I’d still do it, and look so awkward that I’d look suspicious. I would tell Jeh the same, and we’re the kind of people that make eye contact with, the law. Like deer in headlights. I’m picturing her pacing, and *cracking up.😂😂😂 But, so worth it, right!?


        1. Yeah even I didn’t like the sound of the Jiffy security guard. At the stone statue she goes “..acting normal. acting normal”. At one point I read some comments on the site and a lot of them say make sure no one sees you. Or, this one is difficult with no one spotting you. Apparently she heard a siren away off and she screams “I’M GETTING OUT OF HERE!” And i had to explain that they are all placed with permission, the sirens aren’t for us and what I *meant* was that you’re supposed to hide the finds from people who don’t play because they may not respect the box! She thought I literally meant “make sure no one sees you”. I felt awful. She kept asking ‘is this legal’…I was like what on earth?! and later cried about the siren. I had to promise her I’d never have her do something that wasn’t allowed! Good grief it was touch and go there for a bit!


          1. 😬Awwww😌. That would have made me sweat for a second, sorting through the explanation. But, you both did it🙌, with some challenges, but, you can add it up to being a part of the adventure…..and a good story for you and her to share together, in the future.

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  4. I never knew about this although someone once asked me if I’d heard of it after I mentioned the inspirational rocks we found hidden in plin sight in Florida. How fun!

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    1. Oh yes! We have the rocks here too! We even found a local one on vacation last year three hours away. I love the idea of traveling treasure!

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  5. So awesome, Sam! It looks like such a great day out. My dad and brother love geocaching! I’ve tried a few times but I just can’t get into it like they can. I’m glad it’s something you can share with your munchkin.

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    1. If you dont have a locator that works right (or keep finding crappy treasure) it has the potential to be SO unrewarding, lol! I get so mad at the ‘mystery’ sized ones. I’m like, no you don’t understand. One does not simply search for a trinketless cache!

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      1. My dad and brother don’t use any of that! Maybe thats why I wasnt interested in it? Lol

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  6. I’ve never done this but know people who have. Looks like a fun and interesting way to spend a day. I’m giggling about your comment about her acting “cartoonish”. Kids suck at being sly!

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    1. I think you’d like it! The joke is standing in one spot and screaming “BUT IT SAYS IT’S *RIGHT* HERE!” lolololol. Then sometimes my compass just starts spinning and I decree right then and there that we are NOT leaving until we find it 😂😂😂


      1. Reagan has done this with her Dad before. She’s told me where some are right around here. I think it’d be fun to do on some of our summer day trips. But I can totally see me screaming that. A lot!


        1. That and *SONOFABEEEEEP*

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  7. What a wonderful idea and a great way to spend time with your kids. I’ve not heard of this before, but it certainly sounds like fun! Sx 🙂

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    1. It’s always a mixed bag of success and misses but it’s also always miles and miles we wouldn’t have walked otherwise!! It’s always more rewarding to find, well, junk in the boxes! 😂😂😂


  8. I’m going to have to ask my kids if they know about this. They’ve flown the coop, but I heard the other day that Pokemon hunting is back again.

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    1. It is, lol! We were heavy back into that again last year then the searching phase passed once she collected most of them!

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  9. I’d never heard of this ever! Looks like fun, except for the stinging nettles. Hope you heal soon!

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    1. It was good the very next day! My first and hopefully last experience with it 😭

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