Glitterbombing the Homefront

As requested, Unicorn Power for a future 7 year old of A’murica. She has requested a FitBit Ace and one of the new fuzzy Wubbles, which I had to search for but, loving a good wild toy goosechase, I did find. We’ve got an upcoming schoolmate bash planned at the trampoline park and tomorrow afternoon I scored a date with her to play hooky so we can get primo seats to see The Nutcracker which we’ve been waiting for for six months! Until then, I’ll be barfing fairy lights and derpy horned ponies.


11 thoughts on “Glitterbombing the Homefront

  1. Wonder who’s gonna have more fun, you or her? lol 😉

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    1. The trampoline party went fantastic and I didn’t give myself a migraine or motion sickness from jumping too much, lolol! 😂😂😂

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  2. You know….Some day,not to soon,you will have an empty nest. Things will be still and quite and lonely. I know…Ive been there.

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  3. This is fantastic! All of that glitter. 😄

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    1. It’s so pretty. She said she wanted pink and light blue and when i got there not only did they have pink and light blue but it was UNICORNS! Tons of new stuff there finally. It was so fun.


      1. I love when everything just works out so wonderfully for the kiddos. Your unicorn adventure makes me happy.

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        1. Today we both had on fleece pants and whenever we walked through the foil fringe rainbow door curtain things we got electric shocks 😂😂😂 ⚡⚡⚡


          1. Oh! Fun!😂 That must have been a *shock* every time. 😀 Lolol


          2. I wasn’t laughing *at you, I was laughing with you. I realized that my response may have looked like that 😧😌 I’m sorry.


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