Just Like That

I used to talk about simplicity a lot. Simplicity of a person. Of intimacy. Of a home. Of heart. Friendship. Life and family. How very much everything has changed. You won’t hear it from me much anymore.

It’s realistic to say I have never expected ease. In any of these things. And have very rarely recieved it. I’ve never expected not to struggle. But, I realized last night that when I once spoke so often of these simplicities, it was really about the search for them. To better define it, the uncovering of them. To find them where they are. Comforts.

And I was reminded in a single moment with my father, exactly why my life has been an ongoing battle to uncover these comforts wherever I could. Wherever I can. Where my need comes from to find comfort in even the most uncomfortable of times. And why I battle every day to surround my children with comforts wherever I’m able.

We run to safety. It’s natural. It’s instinct. To protect ourselves in physical, emotional or psychological peace. We will run to it. The trouble is knowing where to go. And that question stays with us for the duration.

When the peace and safety we have built and grown to know are taken out from under us, there is a certain panic that feathers upward that has to be expected. A desperation in wondering where that cement footing has gone. And we will begin to fight for it. To regain it. Where is that person I counted on to make me feel safe. Where is that space that I felt that calm. Where is that time I had to breathe and grow in that safety. Where is the softness that I depended on. We will attempt to rebuild it, to fix it. To do anything we can to get it back. To have that feeling of quiet once again. And to give it.

I don’t expect to have comfort as a rule. Or peace. As much growth happens in the dark as in the light. Even in the darkest, and most heavy of times we will search to uncover these comforts. To soften what’s become painful. To ease hurts and bolster back up the inner quiet where that peace stayed with us. The simplicity of it all.

To be sure, life isnt about comfort. But it never hurts to have it either. Not until it’s gone.



9 thoughts on “Just Like That

  1. Sending you hugs. I have searched for comfort a lot, as is human nature. I don’t know why, after all this time, I am shocked to find I have it within me. You do too – I believe that. Sending good vibrations and comfort your way!

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    1. Thank you so much 🤗 I believe it as well…my home is my safe spot when nothing else feels like it is. Even as adults we have to practice self soothing…learn it again and again, and practice.

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  2. Yep…I do ubderstand.

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  3. *sigh* I see in my own life how these types of comforts being withdrawn gave rise to what is now my anxiety. I’ve made peace with some of it. Some of it is ongoing as the anxiety now seems to come as a way of trying to anticipate those kinds of moments where your world shifts on its axis. And it is futile. Because you can never be ready for that kind of thing. But the brain and the heart, they don’t seem to understand that….

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    1. That’s a great point…these things do lead to our anxieties. Many of them. When we feel the rug has been pulled out. Then we have that worry of it happening again. Things being taken again. Whenever I feel Im living in that anticipation, I have to stop and regroup. Thats wherr the soothing and creature comforts come in. When the strongholds disappear.

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  4. Sending you as much comfort as I can fit into this heartfelt thought, Sam xx (PS – I remembered – only 2 !)

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    1. Two works! 😂 Thank you so much my friend.

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  5. Nicely shared. Thought provoking too. While I hear you clearly, when it comes to peace and calm, I’ve learned to give up on “expecting.” In it’s place I’ve found comfort in “anticipating” and “allowing.” Both often soften the hardness associated with expectations that don’t always manifest. Comfort can be elusive when we need it most. Inviting softness, even in challenging times, seems to yield comfort. I wish you an abundance of peace.


  6. I sympathize with the thoughts here, Friend, and they are a comfort to be today. Thank you.


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