Friendly Borders

This month here is going to be a little family heavy. Fair warning. It’s a tough month for me but standing here on the other side…now…I’m strong enough to turn them all to positives. And we’ll take them as they come. Again.

It’s true that one battle may distract you from another. Sometimes it’s a burden additional to others, and sometimes it’s a great relief, and often helps further the process of alternate hardships. Either way, I’ve never been one to shield myself from thought, or feeling, or my downfall at times, expression. Call it what you will, I let it all hit me. Every time. I let it be me. It is me. And for however long I need to, I let it work it’s way through. I hold on to my questions, I hold on to every detail, and I hold on to hope.

When I was little, I learned how to play Risk with my uncle. The foundation for any strategy began with fortification…and this was the first time I’d really ever heard the word. Fortify. But the rule was simple. If the goal countries were connected, you could begin to fortify them with your troops. But, you weren’t allowed to move all of your men elsewhere completely. No territory could ever be left abandoned by you. At least one man had to stay behind…even if you were no longer an occupying force there. You had to keep moving in order to strengthen your forces elsewhere.

I thought about this today, as I see people’s New Year’s declarations taper off, and quiet down. That this is life. We move our energies where they are most needed. We do it in order to grow. Expand. To become a force of our own. In new ways. And to save and protect our men. And ourselves. When we are called on, and tested in every way imaginable, we don’t take flight…we spread out. We fortify.

In all new growth, new strengths and challenges to face, we head out to these new worlds and new land. But everything before remains a part. Always connected. Everything before showed you what you were made of. Showed you your wrongdoings, helped you remember what was absolutely so right. Taught you what you could withstand. Gave you courage to persevere through failure. And see the power of your own resilience. It all has a purpose in place. Nothing is ever forgotten. Though alliances may dissolve, borders may be left vulnerable, no territory is ever abandoned. It’s always occupied by someone forever.

That’s the Risk…and the very beauty.

Through dangers untold, and hardships unnumbered…



17 thoughts on “Friendly Borders

  1. There are no mistakes in today, yet. Or in tomorrow, or next week.

    Happy New Year Sam. Put one foot in front of the other.

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    1. So true. I keep reverting to the simplicity of ‘each day just br a little bit better than you were the day before.

      Happy New Year!’ πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

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  2. There are times when I wish very much that I could let everything “hit me”, but I can’t. I can’t allow that AND function like I need to. So I medicate. And, to a certain extent, I repress. Try to brush off what I often imagine will not matter one day. I often hate the fact that I cannot allow things in life to hit me head on, without a buffer. But I’ve tried and failed, repeatedly. Every time I take a medicine to curb anxiety or depression, I feel like I’m doing what’s best, but not what I want. If that makes sense.

    I loved the Risk analogy. I’ve never played, but I love that idea of fortification. The strategy of it. I’ll probably ponder in that one a while.

    In the meantime, Happy New Year, Sam. I wish many good things for you in 2019.

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    1. You know…I’m going to get real here. Medication has made me far more capable of processing, handling, and truly feeling things. Because it gave me back my objectivity. It gave me back those moments of pause before reaction. Before I compartmentalized something as hurt unnecessarily. Before I felt things that could be dealt with softer. Something I desperately now wish I’d never lost in the times I did. So…I’m a big believer in learning how all things work best in your life. From religion to Ritalin!!!

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      1. That is honestly a perspective I never considered. That it gave objectivity. But you are so, so right.

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        1. While she was a proponent of meds, in my younger days my mom used to joke about someone with no affect being ‘the Prozac queen’…years later when I ended up on it I thought…no. That was anything but true for me. For someone with ADD, mild OCD and tons of sensory issues , what I needed was something to slow the sensory train coming at me enough that I could jump on instead of everything speeding past me.

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          1. I think it’s a matter of finding the RIGHT meds too. I’ve been on several and some of them made me feel completely out of touch and others felt like a complete placebo. I take Zoloft now, and have been pleasantly surprised at how well it seems to work for me. I feel more on an even keel emotionally and have that objectivity you mentioned in ways I haven’t in a long time. Maybe ever.

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  3. Great post and message. Onward and upward

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  4. Above all…Keep the faith in the one who controls it all.

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  5. I really enjoy your posts, Sam. Thank you!

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  6. You are strong, Sam. You will see the month through in your usual, courageous style. Wishing you much love and joy this year of 2019.

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    1. Thank you, friend! I feel much better than I thought I would right now. Hoping for the best 🀞


  7. Many thanks for such an amazing post. I needed to read it, digest it and allow your wisdom to remind me…thanks Sam.

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    1. Aw you’re welcome, Janie! Thank YOU! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—


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