A Rodent Curious Dog Guy!

It’s a long proven fact. Cats hate me. I am decidedly a Dog Guy. Where you find me, you will find a dog. At some points in my life, two or more.

Today, I thought I’d be able to write about losing my best buddy, Thor, in August. But these are an emotionally heavy few days of January for me, so I’d like to focus, instead, on the big 1.8. for my daughter today and how that most special of birthdays will be upping our pet count!

Three years ago, I inherited a bunny ( 😒 ) from a previous relationship. I have yet to recieve a lick of child support for her hefty elitist organic eating habits or major carpet damage bills! Bunbun has made many an appearance here on my page as her and I have power struggled and battled wills over the years. We have only just recently decided that joining our evil forces would be to both our best advantage in the house. Now we share apples and are best fwends 🥕.

Last year, my children, evil forces in their own rite, hornswoggled me into adopting two white rats. I remained hands off for the better part of the year until I recieved repeated selfies from upstairs of rats on shoulders and rats snuggling in fluffy blankets and helping with homework. It was just too cute for me not to buy in to their individual little personalities and wuvv.

Last summer…my youngest wanted something of her very own. Apparently dogs, a bunny, rats and fish didn’t count. We tried the hermit crab thing before and ‘Speedy’ only made it a few weeks. Dwight, our oft spoiled guinea pig, passed away a few years ago as guinea pigs tend to do. So…she became the proud and responsible owner of a cheeky Russian Dwarf Hamster. Do I get stuck cleaning the cage? You betcha. But, while digging her from her hidey hole to funnel her in to her jogging ball or Lego maze, I became One with Hamster. I even secretly changed her name from Silver.

Tonight? Because a newborn is not tiny, nervous or squeaky enough, Grace will be spending her big birthday evening adopting two white mice. I will no doubt attach myself to them in time, and enjoy buying tiny mouse sized toys to surprise them with. Dr. Doolittle ain’t got nothin’ on me!

Currently Unfazed Rodent Whisperer
Sam (still mostly a dog guy)

*Mouse Edit!*

19 thoughts on “A Rodent Curious Dog Guy!

  1. Sounds like my house😂 We currently have Zeus the Big Dumb Dog, Sven the Angsty Dragon (Bearded Dragon), Sophie aka Sweet Baby Kitty and Diesel (new kitten rescue found in an engine compartment after a 10 mile scare-ride)

    When Younger Daughter moved out she took Kris the Stoooopid Corn Snake & Drakeo the Dragon with her. Her partner already had Gigi the Hippopotamus Dog. The recently adopted another snake.
    This same daughter adopted two white mice (Sleeper & Creeper became their names) when a previous snake (that slipped away to freedom) refused to eat his meal.

    Enjoy your Menagerie😍 and Happy Birthday to the new Mama🎂

    1. 😂😂😂 You have as much going on as we do, lol. I’ve been hearing a lot about corn snakes lately and I have no idea what they are! My kid has asked for everything from piglets to goats to mini horses! I’m like…lets stick to feeder mice for two bucks 😒

      The force was STRONG at Christmas to get another doggie after Thor died but I have to make sure I can take care of it. In 2017 I had a little girl golden lab named Violet for a short time and had a run in with some health struggles and had to give her to a friend…I’ve never done that in my life and don’t want to end up in that situation again cause I still think about her. So for now, Gabey is an only Dogchild.

      1. I had to buy feeder mice for the Corn Snake since daughter was squeamish about feeding.🙄 We had mice in the dang house for a while. It was a ridiculous situation to go BUY mice for the snake while at the same time trying to get rid of the mice invading the house.

  2. What’s a couple more pets…

  3. Oh my, Sam. You’re amazing.

    1. 😂😂😂 I guess at the very least, I raised animal lovers, lol!

  4. We’ve had many animals – dogs, cats, turtles, fish, a bird, some horses and even a baby black bear. (Just for the weekend). The total hovered around 32 over the years. We have enjoyed most of them (that bird was MEAN!) We’ve enjoyed having none. These days we hold at one, a rescued dog, who actually acts like he lives here. Enjoy Sam! And that “extra pet” at the end? The cutest of all!

    1. I had Cockatiels when I was married and they were NOT nice! Or quiet! I have been thinking about a turtle…how are they? I have to do some research to know how best to take care of them but I’ve always wanted one. Our pet store also has these things called Degu’s? You’d have to look it up, they’re super cute and I want one for me but both my girls said neh for one as their personal pet.

      Hahah, my Extra Pet is my favorite 😂😂😂

  5. Turtles. Easy peasy. A bowl. A rock. Food sticks. Clean the bowl once a week. We had painted turtles. They were small.

    1. Small ones might be nice! 🤔🤔🤔

  6. I’ve had a variety of pets over the years, but never the variety you’ve got all at once! We are down to our two cats (I’m VERY much a cat person) after loosing our pupper back in November.

    1. 😔😔😔 Awe… I know…our poor doggies…it’s so hard still. I can talk about him now without tearing up but not for long. I don’t know, I’ve just never been near a cat that didn’t find me repugnant or try to attack me🙈

      1. I had gotten to the point where I thought I was doing pretty good with it all. Then we get a package in the mail from the vet with a card that all the techs and the vet that sat with her when we said goodbye signed along with a paw imprint they made after we left. I was such a frickin’ mess. I love that they did this, but… so many tears.

        Our oldest cat hasn’t met a human she doesn’t like and want to rub on or cuddle with. We have people in the house that don’t like cats that fall in love with her. It is so funny to see. My Hubby was never a huge fan of cats until we got her. Now he is the biggest cat softie you’ve ever seen.

        1. …All my dogs get their footprint. But guess who’s didn’t get taken. So I have nothing but ashes. It was a hard month or so. I thought I was doing good too until that happened. Sigh.

          I’m sure there has to be lots of nice cats out there! They just haven’t come my way 😂 Just all the meanies 😾

  7. Hi! New visitor here 😀 What a wonderful collection of fur-babies! We aren’t allowed any pets where we rent, but I recently discovered the world of Degus and I’m in love. When we get our forever home and can do as we please, I will be building a Degu palace – I’ve already designed it – I can’t wait! Have to also be well enough to take care of them myself first though because nobody in my family will look after rodents Lol…

    1. Hi Char! So…I thought the day after this post about researching for getting my own Degu…the first thing I typed into Google was “do degus bite?” 😂 And a big block letter paragraph popped up about how needle sharp their teeth are and that “degu bites should be treated and taken seriously”….omg, I was just looking for a pet to cuddle, lololol! So…I’m sticking with my doggie right now! Nice to meet you 🤗🤗🤗

  8. The only thing keeping me sane right now, as we enter into the last weeks of “the build”, is knowing that I will finally, finally be getting my very own fur baby in the very near future. Hubby says Boxer brothers, I say ALL THE RESCUE PUPS ON MY INSTA NEWS FEED! 😍😍 I have already seen at least 5 that I want. I have given up my Shihtzu dream and will gladly and willingly accept any pupper or grown doggie that needs all of these pent up snuggles I’ve been saving.

    In the meantime, I visit my mom and dad and get pet therapy from Roxie. I need to send you her picture. You would LOVE her.

    1. I’m worried you will inadvertently start a senior bionic slash special needs dog farm! 😭😭😭 I know what you mean though. That was my Achilles heel when I was on there…my worst habit in the world was “Following disabled dogs on Insta” #cryyyyying

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