“Compliment Journal”

My youngest daughter brought home a tiny notebook from school yesterday. Inside the front cover was a class list with a column for check marks. She explained that once you recieve a compliment, you are the next one to recieve the book and write a compliment for a classmate. Passing the book on to them, and so on. She had been given the book yesterday after getting a compliment from her friend, Jackie. All evening, she squirreled herself away writing in secret spaces of the house. This morning, she let me read her entry before I packed her bag. It sounds like she chose well! 😍

“I’m not gonna be that creep who goes back and reads what everyone wrote.” -My Kid

Have a great weekend, Friends!

38 thoughts on ““Compliment Journal”

  1. Ooooo I LOVE this idea! Gonna steak it for my class!

    1. I thought it created such a nice quiet undercurrent of morale and confidence boosting in class!

      1. I have a few MEAN girls in my one class. I am really liking this

        1. Ugh 😠. Maybe if they are reached out to and also get the opportunity to be kind they will feel better about themselves!! Butterfly effect big time!

          1. Maybe!! I’ll see if I can get it started this week! How long do the children have to write their compliment? One day? Once every student has been done do they start again?

            1. She says they’re just supposed to keep it overnight but it wasn’t super strict you know. She put it in his mailbox this morning so he will probably have it all weekend. Yes, they can keep it rotating through through the class again once the list is full each time. Her list had a spot for the teacher, too so if you add that you can see who the real ass kissers are, lololllll

            2. Oh how much fun! We don’t have mailboxes but it definitely sounds like something I should look into! Maybe a trip to the dollar store to grab two nice journals. Does the teacher start it off? Giving a compliment to someone? Does the class just keep it going by themselves or is there teacher involvement each time it passes from one to another?

            3. I think what she did was draw a name and then wrote a page for that student to start it off. The students rotate it themselves without her help which I feel is better because true good deeds don’t require fanfare first off, so it’s done strictly to keep good throughts running through class without “advertisement”. She has some really great ideas. I will probably write about it but, on the class app when the kids post, the teacher only allows comments from friends and family….no likes! That way they can evaluate pride in their work posts based on ACTUAL ENGAGEMENT from people taking time with it and investing in it!!

            4. Amazing! Thanks for answering all my questions!!

  2. This is such a cool idea! I do hope that it isn’t something that any of the kids get left out because no one managed so pick them, but I really do love the idea.

    1. She reached out to one of their special needs classmates because she wanted to make sure he got one and really felt he deserved it. It looks like he really he does! Everyone can only recieve one checkmark in a full cycle so that’s good, too. No repeats or “poopularity” contests!

      1. That’s excellent! I hate when amazing ideas like this turn into something that ends up being hurtful to some.

        1. I know, it’s like they have their whole lives for that garbage so it’s always nice when everyone gets included and supports each other early in these simple projects! She got a little sour taste of it the first week when she gave a public speech to apply for student leadership and THE KIDS got the deciding vote, not the teachers!! She knew no girls in her class at a new school and knew no one would vote for her. All the kids voted for a boy who they all knew (and is an athletic, handsome devil). I told her at least she won’t kick herself for not trying and also, she’s known him since kindergarten and he really was a great choice. He will do a great job so at least wasn’t just some Schmo kid. But she still got a taste of pseudodemocracy based on popularity 😩

  3. Awww… I’m feeling all the feels🥰 I like that it’s written so there’s no public pressure, plus… handwriting skillz ✔😉💌

    1. Right! No “advertisement” of being nice! It makes them feel as good as the reciever and that’s all that matters!

  4. I love this! Us adults could learn a few things from these kids!

    1. I agree! Her teacher this year has been so progressive in their social intelligence experience and emotional learning. I feel like that’s just as important as everything else and often gets left out!

  5. What a great idea! Love what she wrote!

    1. I do too! Only my kid would compliment someone on personal space and being “calm” 😂😂😂

    1. I loved that she included “sharing your space” because I know how important that is to her! 😭😭😭

      1. Very articulate and insightful.

  6. That’s such a great idea!

    1. I thought so, too! I hope her teachers next year are just as progressive socio-emotionally!

    1. 🤗🤗🤗 She was so excited to pass it on!

  7. What a great idea! I’m not creepy, (I don’t think) and I would read every one. Private stuff is private, but this is out there. A friend once told me if it’s “On the frig, it’s meant to be read”. Thanks for sharing .

    1. Haha! I think it was just a thought she expressed because she felt like hers was private. She kept it secret until she was done then I think she felt better about it. It was just a matter of her feeling like she, initially, didn’t want everyone reading hers so out of respect she didn’t want to read the previous ones!

      1. Good girl you got there.

  8. Awww! I love this! She’s developing her father’s writing chops too! 😉

    1. I much prefer this to the heartbreaking poems she writes! 😭😭😭😭

  9. Exactly what the world needs ~> more practice giving and receiving SINCERE compliments! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes! Exactly that, sincere! And having it overnight gives them a good chance to really reflect on each others roles in their classroom community.

  10. This is a great idea, Sam! We have a Kindergarten teacher who does this in a different way. Every child writes a compliment on a piece of paper and delivers it to the other children. Then they read their compliments at their desk. The notebook idea keeps all together though! I think all classrooms should do this!😁🌈

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