7 thoughts on “The Tiny Lunchtime Bugga

  1. Ladybugs are special to me cuz they follow my Younger Daughter. It started when she was about 6 or 7 months old… we had a big vegetable garden and had made a run for more garden stuff, including a container of live ladybugs for the aphid infestation. While we unloaded the stuff, we put her in a chair a let her hold the ladybugs. She could look thru the screen top and see them.
    The next time I looked over at her, she was covered in ladybugs and giggling.
    No camera… pre-cellphone… it’s an image I carry in my mind.

    Ever since then, ladybugs randomly land in her.

    1. Aw, how sweet! She must have gotten The Kiss of the Ladybug!!

  2. I loooove the little ladies. 😊

    1. Me too! We always get the orange ones that have painful bites so it’s always good to see Normies 😂

      1. I never knew they could bite! Fickle females.

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