6 thoughts on “I’m Just Happy to be Nominated

  1. Paper airplanes are fun, and if you recycle the paper, they’re Eco-friendly 😉😂

    On a completely random note… You were in a dream I recently had. It was something about you doing work with music and it was all positive and good vibes.
    I don’t know if some kind of opportunity to work with music is in your future but if it comes up, take it!💕🎶💃🏼

  2. We’re right in there with you, Sam. It’s a grand goal. My Dad was the best paper airplane designer I ever knew. Paperclips, double folds wings and straight lines. I know you cam do this! How perfectly sweet.

  3. This is the sweetest thing ever.

  4. Paper planes are obviosuly important things. The highest of achievements. You are honoured.

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