Today Quietly 

I took some time to myself today at the greenhouse gardens. A nice end to a hectic week. I needed this. Have a peaceful weekend everyone.

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It isn’t the time. It isn’t the level. It isn’t the empty space. I’ve realized, finally, the measure of the breaking of a heart is proportional to the amount of silence you suffer through. That crushes even the matters of time and loss. Depth. Level. And that’s the correlation. The stillness supercedes all else as the cause for any pain. Ever. Nothing regenerates in a vacuum. Nothing repairs. It sits. Until it dissolves into something less noticeable. Less intrusive. That is the best outcome to hope for. And you look ahead to that. Patience. There is no way to categorize something such as this. Patience. 

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Birthday Bashin’

I’m gonna need a recovery period. We’ve been planning a bowling birthday for my daughter for the last week or so. Trying to get parents to be decent adult humans and actually RSVP with some sort of answer is difficult enough. Trying to organize it for holiday break is almost tougher than that. AlmostContinue reading “Birthday Bashin’”

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