It’s okay. To tell someone. Don’t go. It’s okay. To breathe. To whisper. To say Yes. To need. That gentleness. To want that comfort. It’s fair. And it’s okay.

It’s okay. To say. Stay with me. Now. Just stay. To agree. And be together. And be okay. Together. For a while. Quiet. 

To say. Don’t leave. Be here with me…Now. To let your hearts beat for a time without thinking why. Or what next. It’s okay. To ask. To wait for the answer.

For just a little while. Don’t leave. Not yet.



Serenity, Now!!

My class and I walked over to this farmstand after we met up this afternoon. The promise of donuts was just too great. So was the chance to patronize a local grower which is part of our community building project. It was a beautiful 80 degrees and I was in secret pre-Halloween heaven. 🎃🎃🎃  Much was accomplished today and the quality time outside the classroom was a good boost after spending a week down with a popped nerve in my jaw! 

Happy Fall! Enjoy!


There is a power in physical touch that brings two people together unlike anything else. And holds them there. It doesn’t deceive it’s way into trust. It tells you you’re right where you should be. If you’re there, right now, that is the trust. That is the privacy of thoughts, words, breath and bodies. That is curiosity, acceptance, alleviation, bonding. Intimacy. That is powerful.

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