Green Stuff, Revelations and Aladdin

On a day like this one……I will remember that I won’t be made to feel less than. I’ll know there is someone I was made for. And I will know for a fact that my love is not only a disease to be caught by someone who does not care for me. That I am worth more than I’ve been shown I am. I will know that I am absolutely not any less of a human than another. And to think…all before I’ve even left the house.

Let’s keep this streak going.

After unsuccessfully searching for my most hated Disney movie on DVD, we moved on to find the much balleyhooed Lite Up Fidget Spinner. (“Bennett has one!”). And, score.

We stopped off at our favorite spot for lunchies, and had to battle King Onion of Bageltown. Again. That guy’s not messing around. 20170621_160749

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The time has come to finally start making some plans. To what extent, I’m not sure, cause it’s not something I’m used to. But I know I’m out of lives on Candy Crush and TV here sucks. And I’ve got my notebooks. The ones that only I care about. Two, in particular, I’ve worn down an entire pen on alone. For me. Cause that’s what I need to think about.

As far as plans go, I’ve got a lot of things I want to accomplish this year and kick this old ass dust off my shoes for the very last time. A few things I’ve already missed out on due to emotional obstacles out of my hands, no support, and focus poorly spent in the wrong places. But I know now. Rebuild.

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