If You’re Lurking, You Should be Working!

So, I got a comment from a lurker on my post about my Christmas Trees. Of all things! The third comment by them of it’s kind. In the middle of the night which isn’t surprising because that’s when trolls and demons come out to play. Under the cover of dark.

This one says, “Weird. All of it.

I’ve got a few minutes. Let’s discuss…. Continue reading “If You’re Lurking, You Should be Working!”


‘The Happy Dreamer’

There’s a little independent bookstore in town that I’ve been going to since I moved here. Think Youve Got Mail. Bigger than The Shop Around the Corner…smaller than Fox Books…

It’s quiet (of course), well labeled (I love my signage👍), and the staff knows me (and that I frown on alphabetical misfiles). And with the bagel shop right next door, the whole store smells like a ‘Toasted Everything’ dream.  Continue reading “‘The Happy Dreamer’”

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