Once More

Believing that Everybody Leaves is a fabrication of Lazy Love. That’s the way out. A way to excuse yourself from awful behaviors and routine attachment rather than real connection. Why do I bother. Then don’t. There’s nothing I can do. You’re right.

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Consider Me Bothered!!

I used to enjoy reading others’ stories about their dating experiences. Online or otherwise. Failed or otherwise…mostly failed, lets admit. But things have changed. Even though I absolutely love a good love story, or the prospect of one, I no longer go near any of it. It just upsets me. Because I’ve realized something. While it may be funny at the outset to hear the mutual awkwardness play out either in success, or crash and burn (we’ve all been there)…it’s taken a turn. Men are all sexually aggressive dopes. Aimless idiots with a motive who don’t know a woman from a hole in the ground. Interesting.

The most lovingly described men I’ve read about apart from a handful of good husbands, and lets restrict this to WordPress because, after all, time is not infinite, are the ones who left. The ones who won’t answer. The ones who insulted you yet you’ve never had such a ‘great connection’ with someone that you had with them. So you can’t give up just yet. These are the most respected and desired of the men I read of in this realm of Dating. Really.

That’s mysterious, though, right. The what if? The why? Not really. When someone does not speak to you, whether the reasons are wholesome, honest or rude, they do not want to speak to you. It’s kind of a mood killer. Not some sort of sexy enigma…And yet?

Not unclassifying the men who simply “tried too hard” in this category of Dopes. Too needy. Gifts too soon. Too quiet. Too much contact. Too little money. Too much, too much. Or *GASP*, says he wants a relationship. Of all things. The horror. “How do I make him give up!?” Well…theoretically you could just stop talking to him. He should get the point? Right? Lack of respect being desireable and all.

Moving on. I suppose it isn’t just lack of objectivity that keeps me from thinking it’s funny to joke about using a man either. Physically, financially or for any number of things he can do for you. Like, literally laughing type ‘funny’. Maybe in the same breath saying, “I’m too good for him. What makes him think he’s got a chance with me?!” Well, maybe stop sleeping with him. Cause for me, sex is a tell tale sign that you decidedly do *not* think you are too good for me. Call me crazy.

I understand and am well aware this is not my normal outpouring, but again, lets restrict this to WordPress because time is running out. These are things I don’t say here but still rotate around my mind like an endless conveyor of bullseye duckies. Things I discuss elsewhere. But this being the age of revelation it seems, if it’s okay to describe some guy’s fantastic ass in great detail, but then tell us what an ignorant loser he was ‘otherwise’ and post your private conversations with him and many others to the world for us to laugh at, then it’s okay for me to say this….This is Not The Way To Equality.

This is not settling the score. This is not making up for anything. It’s foolish and sends a clear message of what you will attract. Which will be just another story to tell the masses of a chauvinistic jerk. Don’t perpetuate it. Just leave them be. Let them leave you be. 

It is not the sign of a progressive woman, to put down a man publicly. Behaviors such as this don’t display self-respect let alone that for the opposite gender. Nor is it kind to put down a man who wanted to be with you, or God forbid thought he had a chance with you because you told him you cared for him. What a nut *that* guy was, huh! Maybe he didn’t intend for you to post your private conversations even once you did decide he was a sleaze and wanted everyone to laugh and agree. It’s unimaginable to me. And yeah, I would and will say this to anyone. Man, woman or kangaroo. You better believe it.

The path to where we should be, in all matters including dating, is having respect for each other. Both sexes. Our privacy. Our faults. Our trust. Even our ignorance at times with one another. Our confidences. I’ll say it again, our privacy.

It isn’t easy. Dating can be inconvenient, it can be confusing. It can be gross and awkward and expensive and a big fat fucking fail…and we’re going to talk about it, no doubt. But one day you’re going to miss someone worthy while you’re busy telling the world how ridiculous we all are. ‘Just to have something to say’. 


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