Even Though

My perspective on love has not changed. I don’t believe that Love is a dirty word. Nor do I believe that my love is some filthy disease to be caught by somebody. If I were to let myself be convinced of that by someone who had no feelings for me, I would be living in a well-deserved hell for the rest of my life.

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Blocks, Rockfish and Barrels (of Sugar!)

I don’t date. I don’t ‘go out on dates’. Apart from just not ever approaching women, I don’t like loud places. I don’t like crowds. And my party days are long gone. I don’t like yelling to be heard, or people spitting in my ear to get their point across because it’s too noisy. I don’t like blaring P.A.’s or music. I don’t like waiting in lines. Groups of more than a few folks are difficult for me, concerts are touchy, and going to the show is…conditional. And I don’t like having to *wait* to buy tickets, or waiting to ‘buy space’ anywhere for that matter. I believe reservations are for vacations, travel and dinner. Later on.

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Despite the Best Laid Plans

The people I’ve kept close for years, they aren’t just friends. They aren’t just family. Not simply people in my life, or people I know transiently. The ones I’ve kept close to me are my strongholds. They’re my protection. My encouragement. My confidence. My buffer between me and my fears in the world around me. My comfort. And that’s exactly what I give back. Because I know what they mean to me.

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