‘Did I Stumble Into Some Bad Lighting?!’


Gloomy Day Throwback to My First Crush

I figured I’d lighten my recent funk by revisiting some dusty memories. I got a text from my daughter this morning of two goofy coffee drinks that belonged to her and The BF Supreme. It got me thinking about how times have changed. When I was her age, you were lucky to get a photo of you and your Schmoopsie Poo, and that was only if an industrious friend carried a 110 around. Maybe a 35mm. And I remembered a gal I could never¬†quite¬†seem to get a picture with…she was never my girlfriend. But she was my magical, 7th grade, all things amazing, unforgettable first crush. Continue reading “Gloomy Day Throwback to My First Crush”

“A Winter’s Day”

It’s been a hectic week and I have mixed feelings about the fact that I haven’t had much to post. There have been times in my past where I was hurting so bad that I needed to get a lot out, consistently. And times where I was so full of the joy in my days that I wanted to share that, too. I’m happily somewhere in the middle of a pleasant adjustment period right now and my thoughts are level.

Continue reading ““A Winter’s Day””

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