A Clean Sweep for Funsies

Wednesday is a short day for me, and it’s been a rough week to say the least. So, when I got home yesterday after three loads of laundry, two dishwashers full and vacuuming up what the dogs left from a movie sized box of Mike & Ike’s spilled on J’s carpet (as I said…rough week), I retreated down to my newly *emptied* office. ‘Halleleur!! I’ve been dying to get to it and make a space for myself. Which, with all the womanly doings around this house, is hard to come by nowadays.  Continue reading “A Clean Sweep for Funsies”


My Favorite Internet Doggos (and Puppers)

My 5 year old daughter came home today with a thousand questions about 9/11. Maybe more. I could tell she really needed to talk about it. Just talk. So that was what we did this afternoon. We talked…20170911_235955 She started talking about the people who helped. And saved. And shared.  Specifically, a story they discussed in class where groups of travelers offered rooms to each other when they were stranded. This was very interesting to her. Because “they didn’t even know each other!” Which made her reflect on the kindness of such an act. Indeed. I started explaining to her that that was the beauty in that awful time. That everyone stood together. It didn’t divide us. I trailed, inadvertently over to the contrast between that time and the morale of our nation today. It got to me. And I cut our conversation short. Much like I’m going to do now.

It’s been a difficult day between that and some family issues my dad and I have been left to iron out.

So….Because it makes me feel better, here are all of my favorite internet dogs..Enjoy!

(In no particular order because greatness knows no rank) 🐶





Ernie Pooh


Jake and Addie

Jake is blind and the happiest guy I know




Toby Littledude




……And one cat. Chippo. Because he’s worth it.


Whether things are going well, or whether they are going to hell, I will stop by my favorite toy store for a pick me up. INTENSE amounts of stress squishies and Thinking Putty (my favorite 😍), and tons of games and fidgety gadgets, big and small. Candy…did I mention candy? Far more interesting than Plastic Fantastic Toys ‘r Us. I got some fun stuff to take up North this weekend (makes driving easier says the ex-smoker), and some new games for when I get home at the end of August. Ex.Ci.Ted!! Continue reading “Wonda’land!”

Gah! Tears!

I LOVE this!!…

My daughter has been having some uncharacteristic outbursts lately. Unreasonable relative to her typically logical personality. She’s not so soft spoken, she’s opinionated. But she’s determined and soft hearted. Reasonable.  Continue reading “Gah! Tears!”

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