Serenity, Now!!

My class and I walked over to this farmstand after we met up this afternoon. The promise of donuts was just too great. So was the chance to patronize a local grower which is part of our community building project. It was a beautiful 80 degrees and I was in secret pre-Halloween heaven. 🎃🎃🎃  Much was accomplished today and the quality time outside the classroom was a good boost after spending a week down with a popped nerve in my jaw! 

Happy Fall! Enjoy!


Baptism by Fire in the Idea Machine

20170914_182750I’ve been giving today a lot of thought for the last few weeks. My 4C kids were meeting up for the first time and I had a lot of ideas bouncing around in my head. I outlined a couple things last weekend that felt good. My first instinct, just for funsies, was to have the kids cross interview each other for the sake of comparing the information they uncovered. Find out how creative they were. How inhibited. How outgoing. How diverse the thought process. And also?…because everybody hates things like that. 👌 How many times in our past have we wanted to melt away at the thought of introducing ourselves to a group. Talking about ourselves when no one is listening. Or the dread that will forever seep from the phrase, “Let’s go around the room and…”. No. Please, God. No.

So, of course…this is exactly what I was going to do. Continue reading “Baptism by Fire in the Idea Machine”

Listen Up

I’m going to go out on a limb today, because, although I feel I haven’t got a whole lot else to lose or sacrifice, I’m going to take the opportunity to also say how grateful I actually am for that at this point in my life. So…we’re going to put this in a positive light, instead.

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