An Interesting Find

This fall, in addition to a full class schedule, I’ll be teaching a 4C’s group for 9th graders. These groups typically run after school hours, are optional, and they restore my faith in teenagers (😭)…and faith in the future of our country, yaddy yaddy. The young adults who choose to attend are some of the most compassionate and interesting, not to mention successful, students that I’ve gotten to work with.

But…now I’m feeling like I’ve undershot by two whole C’s! I was surprised to see this today. The two left out of my planned lineup focus that are listed here are Creativity, and Collaboration. Creativity being covered in other endeavors and groups, and Collaboration being covered by Communication/Citizenship! So, while I don’t feel like I’ve got it completely wrong, this has given me a lot to think about. 

This kind of focused character development is essential in this age group and I’m not certain why the courses aren’t implemented more widely throughout districts, or, for that matter, manditory. Either way I’m excited and ready to go with my own spin to keep it interesting. I’m not going to wish away my summer just yet. But looking ahead feels good too. 

A Breatheable Heaven

Still healing up…I’m finding the heat a little hard to bear but this past few days have been amazing. There’s still a wet heaviness in the air, but it’s cool yet, and makes adventuring that much easier for the munchkin and her old pops. When I plan our day, those files of unshaded spots aren’t showing up in my memory search…not yet. Soon! Not yet. She’s dealing. So am I. Continue reading “A Breatheable Heaven”

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