Where Do You Fall?

I’m pretty damn happy being a penguin at this point in my life…😊


…Play it Again

I think I was feeling sentimental this morning as I was throwing things together to get out of town for a few days. I tend to do these things on a whim which I’ve never really looked to change. It’s part of me, and at this point, my kids kind of half expect it when they see me going through something.

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A Clean Sweep for Funsies

Wednesday is a short day for me, and it’s been a rough week to say the least. So, when I got home yesterday after three loads of laundry, two dishwashers full and vacuuming up what the dogs left from a movie sized box of Mike & Ike’s spilled on J’s carpet (as I said…rough week), I retreated down to my newly *emptied* office. ‘Halleleur!! I’ve been dying to get to it and make a space for myself. Which, with all the womanly doings around this house, is hard to come by nowadays.  Continue reading “A Clean Sweep for Funsies”

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