Demons and Dealing

It’s conference week…like most things in my life, I’m terrified but excited for the challenge at the same time. Even though I’ve had to *go* to them every year as a parent, it’s been approximately 201 years since I’ve had to hold my own conferences. So, this year is different. Continue reading “Demons and Dealing”



It isn’t the time. It isn’t the level. It isn’t the empty space. I’ve realized, finally, the measure of the breaking of a heart is proportional to the amount of silence you suffer through. That crushes even the matters of time and loss. Depth. Level. And that’s the correlation. The stillness supercedes all else as the cause for any pain. Ever. Nothing regenerates in a vacuum. Nothing repairs. It sits. Until it dissolves into something less noticeable. Less intrusive. That is the best outcome to hope for. And you look ahead to that. Patience. There is no way to categorize something such as this. Patience. 

Continue reading “Nothing”

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