Courage, Clouds and Capitulation

It’s a strange thing walking from a friendship over into something more with someone you care for. Walking across that line together. It feels beautiful. Like home. A little mind-blowing maybe. We’ll call it breathtaking, for the sake of argument. And there is always that one moment. When you both realize it. That it’s happening. Happened. And it changes the course. Of everything. It defines the whole deal.

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In Tha B-Day Wheelhouse

Don’t let me shop for your friends birthday unless you’re prepared to show up with World’s Most Awesome present. 

This…I can do. The boys tend to just get Battle Tarantulas and light up footballs. That’s all boys play with, right?

The Bougie Bunny

Snowball: Loves to talk about female empowerment. Leaves her men on Read for funsies. Lives in a glass tower. Only eats prepeeled carrots. Off limits emotionally. Has organic kale stained beard. Enjoys Minecraft. 

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