Birthday Bashin’

I’m gonna need a recovery period. We’ve been planning a bowling birthday for my daughter for the last week or so. Trying to get parents to be decent adult humans and actually RSVP with some sort of answer is difficult enough. Trying to organize it for holiday break is almost tougher than that. AlmostContinue reading “Birthday Bashin’”


Ho, Ho, Ho Springs Eternal

This is just about the same time every year that I start reflecting on (laughing at) how drastically my Christmas card list has changed in 12 short months!!


New jammies for Grumpy Bear to write his Krimmas cards in

Sexy Friday!

Woot! Picked up a Wilton melter on the way home from work and made it happen like Mariah Carey!

🎃🎃🎃 Don’t get too scared!! 👻👻👻

This little guy is my favorite.

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