A Strong Hit On The Money Machine

I’m very slowly (rapidly) coming to terms with the fact that my daughter is turning 16 in January. Brought on by already being in discussions about a hotel party for her and her pallies in Chicago. This would involve the teleportation of her and four friends safely between cities for a weekend in what will probably be a driving snowstorm.


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Torture By Virtual Rapids

I hooked the Kinect back up again for the first time since before we moved…a year ago. We’ve now been playing for over three hours. I hurt my back plugging in the HDMI cable and threw my knee out on a sweet river jump. I’m pretty sure I might actually die later.☠


Ho, Ho, Ho Springs Eternal

This is just about the same time every year that I start reflecting on (laughing at) how drastically my Christmas card list has changed in 12 short months!!


New jammies for Grumpy Bear to write his Krimmas cards in


This sorta says it all!
Oh, and this

The very last kicker of the holiday, in addition to yesterday’s gloomified post, is that, after a snowy school Halloween parade OUTDOORS in 30° earlier today (*eyeroll*), my daughter left her costume at school before this long awaited night, and had to go off in tears to Trick or Treat with her mom in a ramshackle Kitty Suit from two years ago! BUT my pumpkin spice love bars turned out great, my house smells amazing and I am in for the night!

Till next year. Over and Out Like Crazy!


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