*I’m Feeling…Uncomfortable*

Is it just me, or is this game loaded with innuendo? 

“Keep your eyes on the prize, wink, wink.” – Cookie Jam Blast

Don’t get me wrong…sounds like a fun night and all…🤔 But these developers have sublimated their way into a decent, but borderline creepy, game. 

“Well, I Guess it Would Be Nice…”

*Don’t be embarrassed to Trick-or-Treat the neighborhood all summer*20170728_224708

*I’ve fallen for this one before…Turns out it’s only the student loan guys*

*🎶Before this river becomes an ocean…🎶*20170728_224612

That is One Possessive Omelet!

Omelette’s what? Given the ambiguous definitions, I can excuse the confusion in spelling…This time 😒. I can even look past waffles too cold to melt butter. But, one can’t just run around recklessly shooting off punctuation in the town square and expect no one to call the sheriff. 

“Apostrophe is, as Apostrophe Does!” – Kathy’s Pancakes


So far, I’m one ‘R’ away from one hell of an awesome battle, a dude you do NOT mess with, and a new chair at Ikea. 

“Sometimes life’s just like that. You hope for a Unicorn…You get a goat.”

‘Loomis Can See Tha Footcha!’


*Fantastic! I hope ‘Rainbow’ isn’t a stripper over at Leggs Lounge…*

*Better ‘thanna hemorrhage. That’s what I always say…*

“It was the best of times. It was the blurst of times!!??“…Stupid Fortunes!

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