The Value of Static

Things come back together. Slowly. I get back in my place. Back to center. I have to be certain I was once there, as direction with no baseline to aim for is no direction at all. True I feel my way in the dark through most things. Familiar and not. Sometimes igniting the unexpected. And other times allowing me the clarity to close my eyes and let it come to me.

But it will. It does. It’s possible. And I’m hopeful.

Peace is a fluid ideal. Solitude will go from need to nightmare. Engagement is a necessity. Reticence also a necessity. The desperation for both touch and space forever at odds…

But love will always be love. The baseline for all else. That’s where you go. That’s the direction you head that helps define the gray spaces.

Tells you who you are. Eases the tying together of such oppositional concepts, feelings and needs…Into peace without fluidity.

I’m acclimating. Settling down into me. I have a lot to learn. But the things that occupy my heart and mind are gentle on my spirit now. A battle long fought…and I will always have a lot more to learn. In those gray spaces, I’m reminded that internal struggle can absolutely be fed out into positivity. Gaining ground towards that baseline. The one that you’re sure of. The one that does not change. That’s where you go.

Love will always be love. In all things.





…Time to say goodbye to this place until next year. Headed home in the morning. Feeling heavy hearted as hell but grateful for some quiet time to think.

Now, to figure out a way to get through the week…


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