There Goes the Plan!

…Almost quite literally flooded *in* today. It’s supposed to be cold for three days which won’t ruin the dunes…but pretty much ruins all things swimming. And all our s’more and campfire cone stuff is wasting and waiting because the pit has an inch of water in it! Cryyyying. 😭 Oh well. A great day to cuddle up with movies and puzzles. And we got a fantastic thunderstorm out of it. Good with the bad once again!

Even Though

My perspective on love has not changed. I don’t believe that Love is a dirty word. Nor do I believe that my love is some filthy disease to be caught by somebody. If I were to let myself be convinced of that by someone who had no feelings for me, I would be living in a well-deserved hell for the rest of my life.

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🤢 That Old Feeling 🤢

20170627_112439I find myself caught in the middle of my own perception lately. Most times in my life, I’m either in a phase of bleeding, or a period of contentment. I’ll actually add a far right end to that spectrum that’s somewhere Over the Moon. Like a blissful, winged jackass.

But lately, I’m unsure where I fall. I’ve stopped the bleeding…I’m feeling more at peace. And the thought of the moon, right now, makes me airsick in the absolute worst way.

So, where do I stand. Pissed as hell, and grateful that it’s improving each day. Sort of like a hippie with a huge chip on his shoulder. And I’m okay with that. I can successfully advocate for my own happiness and still be bitter as shit that I was treated like a P.O.S. All good. Continue reading “🤢 That Old Feeling 🤢”

A Breatheable Heaven

Still healing up…I’m finding the heat a little hard to bear but this past few days have been amazing. There’s still a wet heaviness in the air, but it’s cool yet, and makes adventuring that much easier for the munchkin and her old pops. When I plan our day, those files of unshaded spots aren’t showing up in my memory search…not yet. Soon! Not yet. She’s dealing. So am I. Continue reading “A Breatheable Heaven”

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