Creature Comforts

I have been working my little butt off today and have another few days yet to go to prepare for the week ahead. My eyes are burning out of my face, my back hurts, and I’m running on Good Will and fumes at this point.

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Whether things are going well, or whether they are going to hell, I will stop by my favorite toy store for a pick me up. INTENSE amounts of stress squishies and Thinking Putty (my favorite 😍), and tons of games and fidgety gadgets, big and small. Candy…did I mention candy? Far more interesting than Plastic Fantastic Toys ‘r Us. I got some fun stuff to take up North this weekend (makes driving easier says the ex-smoker), and some new games for when I get home at the end of August. Ex.Ci.Ted!! Continue reading “Wonda’land!”

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