A Comfort Weekend

I never go to the mall. Like ever. But I do ‘lurve the mall at Christmas time. I *happened* to pop in early yesterday morning to go to Lush and spy on Santa (and get my bagel dog and cookies). And everyone leaving had at least two huge bags from Bath & Body Works. Hmm. Similar to ice cream at church, I was intrigued, yet suspicious. Well…all those magical candles they sell for $25 were on sale for $8 just for the day! They were literally handing out trays at the door. Needless to say, I made my mark. Continue reading “A Comfort Weekend”


If You’re Lurking, You Should be Working!

So, I got a comment from a lurker on my post about my Christmas Trees. Of all things! The third comment by them of it’s kind. In the middle of the night which isn’t surprising because that’s when trolls and demons come out to play. Under the cover of dark.

This one says, “Weird. All of it.

I’ve got a few minutes. Let’s discuss…. Continue reading “If You’re Lurking, You Should be Working!”

Clearing the Path

There are times I’m introspective. Quiet. Fairly balancing out others opinions. Able to see and feel both sides. Benefit of the doubt. With love, kindness and forgiveness. And my mind churning with new ideas and vibrancy. All is well. And this is where I usually stay. A Live and Let Live…if you will. Continue reading “Clearing the Path”

Love Languages of Littles

Everyone has heard about or read these books by Gary Chapman, seen the lists…either way. You’ve got some concept of meeting your loved ones where they are. I hope.
Being consumed in a relationship may make you feel these Languages are more applicable to the two of you. But, as a parent, it’s more important than you know that you learn to understand where to meet your child in their need to feel loved. Continue reading “Love Languages of Littles”

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