Close to Home

So, this came home from school in a TIME Kids 1st grade flyer the other day. And it stuck out as familiar of course, but I didn’t think much of it past that.20171003_115018

Then I got an email that brought it into focus. 20171003_121245

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Listen Up

I’m going to go out on a limb today, because, although I feel I haven’t got a whole lot else to lose or sacrifice, I’m going to take the opportunity to also say how grateful I actually am for that at this point in my life. So…we’re going to put this in a positive light, instead.

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Despite the Best Laid Plans

The people I’ve kept close for years, they aren’t just friends. They aren’t just family. Not simply people in my life, or people I know transiently. The ones I’ve kept close to me are my strongholds. They’re my protection. My encouragement. My confidence. My buffer between me and my fears in the world around me. My comfort. And that’s exactly what I give back. Because I know what they mean to me.

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