Venomous!? I Think You Mean FAB-U-LOUS!!

There’s a cute magazine I get my daughter at Toys R Us called Animal Tales. Lots of quizzes and facts which she loves, stories, crafting, and subjective opinion “voting” for random things like “would you rather live in a bird’s nest or a wolf den?” Her answer was ‘a nest because it’s high and airy, and caves are like, ya know, dark and small‘. I said, “wouldn’t you be afraid to live with wolves?” Well, no, because apparently in this scenario, there are no animals living in their own homes. Just empty real estate. Continue reading “Venomous!? I Think You Mean FAB-U-LOUS!!”


It was 97° today. Which meant there were only two choices. Bunbun liked most of them. 

Hope n’ Turtles

I’m delighted! All the Astras, Cone Flowers and ground cover I transplanted last fall have successfully taken root here! Which is a surprise since I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. It wasn’t looking good for them just a few months ago. I was ready to give them the dignified burial they were deserving of. Now…they are happily thriving in the sunshine with Mr. Steadfast Turtle looking on🤗🤗🤗 #win

In Tha B-Day Wheelhouse

Don’t let me shop for your friends birthday unless you’re prepared to show up with World’s Most Awesome present. 

This…I can do. The boys tend to just get Battle Tarantulas and light up footballs. That’s all boys play with, right?

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