Even Though

My perspective on love has not changed. I don’t believe that Love is a dirty word. Nor do I believe that my love is some filthy disease to be caught by somebody. If I were to let myself be convinced of that by someone who had no feelings for me, I would be living in a well-deserved hell for the rest of my life.

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A Day in the Life, and Not on the List

I went to drop my youngest off at gymnastics camp this morning. And her name was nowhere on the list. I can’t know who else was missing, but in 40 names, hers was not there. The kids already present were screaming, bouncing off the walls in a small enclosed area, and climbing windowsills, while a few male high school aged counselors stood by and advised them against their antics while everyone else found their place. Continue reading “A Day in the Life, and Not on the List”

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