Hoarder in Aisle 10

Sharing a little something to brighten my spirits today. I collect these little guys in blind bags and have been anxiously awaiting Series 7. Yes, 7. In my not so humble opinion, the best series yet. I’m not a huge modern Disney fan but it’s physically impossible for me to ever pass these up. My daughter got me started on them ages ago, but now they are strictly Hands Off! (“Who was messing with my Tsum Tsums? Alice is missing!”) Today was the day, and I got almost all of them in one try, but the box came up short two characters…It’s always two. Luckily, it was the two I least care about but still…On with the chase. I got my eye on you!And…I’m not quite sure what these were but…I had to snag the set!

πŸ’³ ⬅️ Man Card


Hope n’ Turtles

I’m delighted! All the Astras, Cone Flowers and ground cover I transplanted last fall have successfully taken root here! Which is a surprise since I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. It wasn’t looking good for them just a few months ago. I was ready to give them the dignified burial they were deserving of. Now…they are happily thriving in the sunshine with Mr. Steadfast Turtle looking onπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— #win

Little Missy Mixxalots

With some minor mishaps this morning that involved her mom driving away while still attached to a BP pump, and accidental bright red teeth from a Siberian Blast for breakfast πŸ˜’…we had some time together before the last day of Art and Music camp.

My blue slime was the most successful by far…but you didn’t hear it from me. Continue reading “Little Missy Mixxalots”

Green Stuff, Revelations and Aladdin

On a day like this one……I will remember that I won’t be made to feel less than. I’ll know there is someone I was made for. And I will know for a fact that my love is not only a disease to be caught by someone who does not care for me. That I am worth more than I’ve been shown I am. I will know that I am absolutely not any less of a human than another. And to think…all before I’ve even left the house.

Let’s keep this streak going.

After unsuccessfully searching for my most hated Disney movie on DVD, we moved on to find the much balleyhooed Lite Up Fidget Spinner. (“Bennett has one!”). And, score.

We stopped off at our favorite spot for lunchies, and had to battle King Onion of Bageltown. Again. That guy’s not messing around. 20170621_160749

Continue reading “Green Stuff, Revelations and Aladdin”

Botanically Yours

It’s been stifling here lately. In more ways than I can count. But the heat and humidity in particular. When you can’t breathe. Can’t depend on anything in your day. Can’t sleep. Or eat. You stay still. You’re uncomfortable all the time…maybe watching for storms. Maybe you’re a hopeful optimist (or really, really dense) and you think the storm isn’t coming. This time. Either way it will lift. Eventually the weight on your chest will lift. And you’ll be able to move freely without much thought to what’s ahead. Or behind.

I woke up this morning to a cool breeze on my back. The rain pushed it in. The air was damp and smelled clean again. It felt good. That weight had lifted. I laid there for a while. Letting that renewal soak in. Breathing easier. And waiting. Staying still. Not searching for extra covers. Welcoming the change. Continue reading “Botanically Yours”

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