Where Do You Fall?

I’m pretty damn happy being a penguin at this point in my life…😊


Gloomy Day Throwback to My First Crush

I figured I’d lighten my recent funk by revisiting some dusty memories. I got a text from my daughter this morning of two goofy coffee drinks that belonged to her and The BF Supreme. It got me thinking about how times have changed. When I was her age, you were lucky to get a photo of you and your Schmoopsie Poo, and that was only if an industrious friend carried a 110 around. Maybe a 35mm. And I remembered a gal I could never quite seem to get a picture with…she was never my girlfriend. But she was my magical, 7th grade, all things amazing, unforgettable first crush. Continue reading “Gloomy Day Throwback to My First Crush”

Good Times!

Today, I can’t decide between the two! Maybe it’s just a little’a both 😊 GENIUS!

It might be 1 o’clock, and it might be 3.
Time don’t mean that much to me.
I ain’t felt this good since I don’t know when. And I might not feel this good again.

Any time you’re out from under.
Not gettin’ hassled. Not gettin’ hustled.
Keeping your head above water.
Making a wave when you can.

Been dyin’ for a post to use this on!

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