Let’s Get Ready to Awkward!

Because I need to lighten the mood, while I think about a legitimate human post later.

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Ho, Ho, Ho Springs Eternal

This is just about the same time every year that I start reflecting on (laughing at) how drastically my Christmas card list has changed in 12 short months!!


New jammies for Grumpy Bear to write his Krimmas cards in

Looks Like a Halloween TKO!

I’ve been debating squeaking this post out, but in light of today’s SNOWFALL, let’s go ahead!

I love you, Halloween. You know this. But, I am just not feeling you this year. What started as a beautifully colored, mild transition from summer into a peaceful fall has quickly turned into a disgusting, rainy, cold, gray bucket of shit! How’s that for lovely descriptors? 😣 Continue reading “Looks Like a Halloween TKO!”

Dammit! Where are my Lucky Troll Dolls!??

I’ve taken a second to fill out my Bingo card for everyone…😭😭😭

I may have won if there were spaces for “Obsolete Movie Quotes”, “Why?”, “Silent Jealous Fury Towards Your Boyfriend”, or “Migraine”.

Happy Friday!


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