…Play it Again

I think I was feeling sentimental this morning as I was throwing things together to get out of town for a few days. I tend to do these things on a whim which I’ve never really looked to change. It’s part of me, and at this point, my kids kind of half expect it when they see me going through something.

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A Clean Sweep for Funsies

Wednesday is a short day for me, and it’s been a rough week to say the least. So, when I got home yesterday after three loads of laundry, two dishwashers full and vacuuming up what the dogs left from a movie sized box of Mike & Ike’s spilled on J’s carpet (as I said…rough week), I retreated down to my newly *emptied* office. ‘Halleleur!! I’ve been dying to get to it and make a space for myself. Which, with all the womanly doings around this house, is hard to come by nowadays.  Continue reading “A Clean Sweep for Funsies”

Gloomy Day Throwback to My First Crush

I figured I’d lighten my recent funk by revisiting some dusty memories. I got a text from my daughter this morning of two goofy coffee drinks that belonged to her and The BF Supreme. It got me thinking about how times have changed. When I was her age, you were lucky to get a photo of you and your Schmoopsie Poo, and that was only if an industrious friend carried a 110 around. Maybe a 35mm. And I remembered a gal I could never quite seem to get a picture with…she was never my girlfriend. But she was my magical, 7th grade, all things amazing, unforgettable first crush. Continue reading “Gloomy Day Throwback to My First Crush”

Happy Sixty Days

I thought today about the time I asked you what your favorite flowers were. I was so excited. And I remembered how I felt when I knew I couldn’t send them to you. Not then. Because I couldn’t ask your address. I didn’t want even the smallest of reason for you to be uncomfortable with me. Ever. I laughed a little at the irony of that in particular. Not a lot. Just a little.

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