“Go Time”

We are a fairly strange species here. Our thoughts and experiences cycle. Like the rest. It all comes back around eventually. And the shade of it will be completely different…when you’re seeing it for the second time. If you do. Still part of me…but, oh how the relevancy has changed. Do I hate the word Bittersweet yet?

…On the contrary. And I’m still not ashamed. To this day.  Continue reading ““Go Time””


Happy Sixty Days

I thought today about the time I asked you what your favorite flowers were. I was so excited. And I remembered how I felt when I knew I couldn’t send them to you. Not then. Because I couldn’t ask your address. I didn’t want even the smallest of reason for you to be uncomfortable with me. Ever. I laughed a little at the irony of that in particular. Not a lot. Just a little.

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