Unlike an August Night

Perfect weather for an impromptu camping excursion. Too good to pass up. Annnnd… lost as hell in the woods right now. We’ll figure it out in the morning 😍

Hope n’ Turtles

I’m delighted! All the Astras, Cone Flowers and ground cover I transplanted last fall have successfully taken root here! Which is a surprise since I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. It wasn’t looking good for them just a few months ago. I was ready to give them the dignified burial they were deserving of. Now…they are happily thriving in the sunshine with Mr. Steadfast Turtle looking onπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— #win

Blocks, Rockfish and Barrels (of Sugar!)

I don’t date. I don’t ‘go out on dates’. Apart from just not ever approaching women, I don’t like loud places. I don’t like crowds. And my party days are long gone. I don’t like yelling to be heard, or people spitting in my ear to get their point across because it’s too noisy. I don’t like blaring P.A.’s or music. I don’t like waiting in lines. Groups of more than a few folks are difficult for me, concerts are touchy, and going to the show is…conditional. And I don’t like having to *wait* to buy tickets, or waiting to ‘buy space’ anywhere for that matter. I believe reservations are for vacations, travel and dinner. Later on.

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Sighs of Relief

Ducked down into Stokes today after work. I haven’t been there since February and well…it’s a little more overgrown than it was then. To say the least. A lot of the cool little secret areas were covered in and couldn’t be trekked. Spiders falling out of trees, poison ivy, snakes guarding pathways, etc.

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“Now, I Know I Can be Happy as a Clam. Because I’m Beautiful, Baby”

20170710_222044This was my morning. Leaving camp dropoff. It stormed hard for a good hour after the sirens went off. It was the strangest low lying front I’d seen here. Nothing ever formed from it, but it was touch and go there for a bit. And in true Michigan fashion…you just have to hang on a while…You don’t like the weather? Wait an hour, it will change.

Change it did. And what it brought in just hours later was beautiful. Continue reading ““Now, I Know I Can be Happy as a Clam. Because I’m Beautiful, Baby””

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