I Heart My ‘Hood

Honestly, once everyone is safe and sound, I wouldn’t trade this for anything

…It continues to fall and I will happily have a Snow Day off work tomorrow by my fireplace, cozily hanging paper chains all over my house just like Buddy the Elf.

It’s getting colder. Make sure you have a warm heart. 💙



Doing Our Own Thing

Always have. Always will.

I showed my daughter how to wrap little stacks of dominos into doll sized presents. I’ve only done one to her five but a killer tiny Christmas scene like this doesn’t set itself up. Okay…it needs a little work. But just a little!



This sorta says it all!
Oh, and this

The very last kicker of the holiday, in addition to yesterday’s gloomified post, is that, after a snowy school Halloween parade OUTDOORS in 30° earlier today (*eyeroll*), my daughter left her costume at school before this long awaited night, and had to go off in tears to Trick or Treat with her mom in a ramshackle Kitty Suit from two years ago! BUT my pumpkin spice love bars turned out great, my house smells amazing and I am in for the night!

Till next year. Over and Out Like Crazy!


The Value of Static

Things come back together. Slowly. I get back in my place. Back to center. I have to be certain I was once there, as direction with no baseline to aim for is no direction at all. True I feel my way in the dark through most things. Familiar and not. Sometimes igniting the unexpected. And other times allowing me the clarity to close my eyes and let it come to me.

But it will. It does. It’s possible. And I’m hopeful. Continue reading “The Value of Static”


It’s okay. To tell someone. Don’t go. It’s okay. To breathe. To whisper. To say Yes. To need. That gentleness. To want that comfort. It’s fair. And it’s okay.

It’s okay. To say. Stay with me. Now. Just stay. To agree. And be together. And be okay. Together. For a while. Quiet. 

To say. Don’t leave. Be here with me…Now. To let your hearts beat for a time without thinking why. Or what next. It’s okay. To ask. To wait for the answer.

For just a little while. Don’t leave. Not yet.


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