“The Middle”

I have been reflecting on the changes around me lately. How it happened and the part I played. I realize how much has improved but also…the things I still struggle with that keep me from feeling balanced. Sorting out the things I feel I deserve some grace on, against the things I know I deserve none…

Some of those things I struggle with will always fall somewhere in between the two.

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“Use Your Craft Hoard Wisely. Mind the Fuse Conscientiously” – Buddha

In these weeks post-op I’ve had some intermittent trouble with my hands being shaky. Something I’ve not had problems with before. It’s a strange side effect along with major heat intolerance that I hope will pass. So far, apart from the expected, these have been my only issues. I’ll accept them graciously. While I’ve opened myself up to a hell of a lot of hurt here by saying too much to the wrong people, well…let’s just say I couldn’t possibly care less anymore.

So, on to more important things.

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