Whether things are going well, or whether they are going to hell, I will stop by my favorite toy store for a pick me up. INTENSE amounts of stress squishies and Thinking Putty (my favorite 😍), and tons of games and fidgety gadgets, big and small. Candy…did I mention candy? Far more interesting than Plastic Fantastic Toys ‘r Us. I got some fun stuff to take up North this weekend (makes driving easier says the ex-smoker), and some new games for when I get home at the end of August. Ex.Ci.Ted!! Continue reading “Wonda’land!”

Out of the Zone

I’m not convinced of the ‘fictional fears’ just yet…but, nonetheless…all true! 

Sunday can not come soon enough! ⛱🌊🌞🥂


The weather is cooling off lately. The season isn’t over for good. I’m sure. But, it’s hinting at something. Like most things, it’s a little different every day.

Everything is a little different every day. Disconcerting. But no longer incapacitating. So, I’m grateful. Good with the bad. As they say. Continue reading “…Still”

‘Love Calls’

This sure is a tough thing we’ve all been left to try and figure out. Life, it does take hold.

Straight Detroit Soul, right here…🎵🎶

Love Calls

When your heart was broken
When your wounded pride was laid to rest
You’ll never open your heart
To anyone else, you said
But you lied. I know you’re lying

Your mind might be made up
But your heart has got it’s own plans
There’s no one to blame for false pride
Telling lies and trying to hide
From feeling the pain
I know you don’t want to feel

There’s nowhere to hide
When love is calling your name
From the dark. Nowhere to hide
So let love have it’s way with your heart
When love calls your name

It’s on my lips
And I wish that you were still here
To take me away with your kiss
To take me away from all of this crazy
Too many words have been spoken
Too many lies have been told
You’ll never do it again, you tell yourself
Over, and over, and over
You’re wrong. Dead wrong

There’s nowhere to hide
When love is calling your name
You fall apart
When love calls your name

K. Owens – “Kem”

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