A Clean Sweep for Funsies

Wednesday is a short day for me, and it’s been a rough week to say the least. So, when I got home yesterday after three loads of laundry, two dishwashers full and vacuuming up what the dogs left from a movie sized box of Mike & Ike’s spilled on J’s carpet (as I said…rough week), I retreated down to my newly *emptied* office. ‘Halleleur!! I’ve been dying to get to it and make a space for myself. Which, with all the womanly doings around this house, is hard to come by nowadays.  Continue reading “A Clean Sweep for Funsies”


Resting my Mind

This past few weeks I’ve been trying to take my mind down a few notches, and get myself mentally prepared for the upcoming class schedule, new year. New people. Challenges. Changes. Healing from past obstacles. Readying myself for new ones. Sorting through love, loss and friendship. The vibration of a full house again finally. All of it. Continue reading “Resting my Mind”

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