Even Though

My perspective on love has not changed. I don’t believe that Love is a dirty word. Nor do I believe that my love is some filthy disease to be caught by somebody. If I were to let myself be convinced of that by someone who had no feelings for me, I would be living in a well-deserved hell for the rest of my life.

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With Resentment Riding Shotgun!

Having this week off has brought many blessings into focus that I didn’t have much time to think about while prancing around with my daughter last week. Although, slowly…it was your basic slow prancing. It’s a skill.

I thought about when I feel most confident. And what I need to get back there. The reason was simple. When I’m feeling good, I love my life. And the reason for that is even simpler. I love my life when I can make people happy. And I count as one of those people. Which starts with that confidence…which comes back around knocking on All the Happiness. It’s The Circle of Life, my friends! I could sing it for you but, you get the point. And If you don’t, that’s because it’s highly diluted and merely flipping around on a old timey filmstrip inside my head. Continue reading “With Resentment Riding Shotgun!”

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