I Heart My ‘Hood

Honestly, once everyone is safe and sound, I wouldn’t trade this for anything

…It continues to fall and I will happily have a Snow Day off work tomorrow by my fireplace, cozily hanging paper chains all over my house just like Buddy the Elf.

It’s getting colder. Make sure you have a warm heart. 💙



Putting Words to It

I guess I was never quite sure exactly what you were saying to me in those five minutes I was allowed. Or what I was actually being accused of. Most importantly, why you never came to me with it. Why you went behind my back instead of asking anything honestly. Why that was okay. Why you viewed me so far beneath you and talked to me like I was trash. Why you felt you had that right. Why you weren’t willing to answer my questions. All of my Whys. All of my How Could Yous. Why I no longer mattered. Why you were responsible for nothing. But I do know I kept my promise to you. Because I had to. It was a promise I made for some peace. But I kept it. No questions asked.

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The Two Way Split

Not the most romantic thing I’ve done, by far. But it sure beats another kick in the fucking head for now. 


A Day in the Life, and Not on the List

I went to drop my youngest off at gymnastics camp this morning. And her name was nowhere on the list. I can’t know who else was missing, but in 40 names, hers was not there. The kids already present were screaming, bouncing off the walls in a small enclosed area, and climbing windowsills, while a few male high school aged counselors stood by and advised them against their antics while everyone else found their place. Continue reading “A Day in the Life, and Not on the List”

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