Cheese Balls, Dirty Basil & Goatly Happenings

We missed Kid’s Day the last few weeks, but still went to wander around the local CSA farm today…mostly cause I had to see what these mysterious micro greens were all about.

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In Tha B-Day Wheelhouse

Don’t let me shop for your friends birthday unless you’re prepared to show up with World’s Most Awesome present. 

This…I can do. The boys tend to just get Battle Tarantulas and light up footballs. That’s all boys play with, right?

Little Missy Mixxalots

With some minor mishaps this morning that involved her mom driving away while still attached to a BP pump, and accidental bright red teeth from a Siberian Blast for breakfast 😒…we had some time together before the last day of Art and Music camp.

My blue slime was the most successful by far…but you didn’t hear it from me. Continue reading “Little Missy Mixxalots”

The Bougie Bunny

Snowball: Loves to talk about female empowerment. Leaves her men on Read for funsies. Lives in a glass tower. Only eats prepeeled carrots. Off limits emotionally. Has organic kale stained beard. Enjoys Minecraft. 

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