Tents, Dents and Absolutely No Sense

20170915_111809The anxiety level is high today…which I wasn’t expecting. I think it must be mental exhaustion, physical need, emotional confusion, dread and relief all in one. There have been major successes this week, along with the presentation of some family issues I need put to bed and behind me. I’m tired.

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“The Middle”

I have been reflecting on the changes around me lately. How it happened and the part I played. I realize how much has improved but also…the things I still struggle with that keep me from feeling balanced. Sorting out the things I feel I deserve some grace on, against the things I know I deserve none…

Some of those things I struggle with will always fall somewhere in between the two.
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Taking a Breather

…And now I’m gonna have nightmares about F#@king Mermaid Cove! I bring it on myself cause I wanna, dammit! I’ve been working on the pre schoolyear cleanup of mass accumulation and remembered these all tucked away along with the dog bed zipper covers I no longer need. So…been a day.  Continue reading “Taking a Breather”

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