There Goes the Plan!

…Almost quite literally flooded *in* today. It’s supposed to be cold for three days which won’t ruin the dunes…but pretty much ruins all things swimming. And all our s’more and campfire cone stuff is wasting and waiting because the pit has an inch of water in it! Cryyyying. 😭 Oh well. A great day to cuddle up with movies and puzzles. And we got a fantastic thunderstorm out of it. Good with the bad once again!

Wood Panel Delight

If they could pick this house up and put it somewhere with an actual economy, I’d be sold. But then, no beach. Give and take! Loving it…

We spent the eclipse at what I like to call The Junk Shop…lookin’ at junk. And then next door getting ice cream at a Michigan institution…

And there’s a dragonfly living in my car now…

Unlike an August Night

Perfect weather for an impromptu camping excursion. Too good to pass up. Annnnd… lost as hell in the woods right now. We’ll figure it out in the morning 😍

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