Where Do You Fall?

I’m pretty damn happy being a penguin at this point in my life…😊


Thoughts On Lost Time

Today is a day when I find I’m focused on what isn’t. Complacency has crept in. Often mistaken for happiness. I know this. And that that’s where a lot of us stay. Takes me a minute. But I know.

I despise the word Bored. I despise the word Jealous. Karma….So many. Among other negatives often carelessly thrown around. When there’s no answer in the moment.

When the moments are piling up.

When the information is coming so quick, filing itself away in colors and action. By importance. Perfunctory. Right where it needs to go. Until there’s a hitch.

And you get scared you’ve fallen behind.

Clocks are ticking everywhere and what are you doing. How are you using these minutes you’re hearing pass. Tidy them up. Catch up. Fix it. Be that. Do that. And do it now.

But, hitch after hitch…

This wasn’t in the plan. Not how things were supposed to be. This minute. This Right Now was supposed to involve something else. Someone else. This day, today, was supposed to be different. With yet a whole other plan of how the day would end. And where. With who. But what’s wrong with this plan. This day. This moment.

Not a lot. But you won’t know that until it passes.

It gets heavy. Getting caught up. Spinning. Replaying. Backing up the months, or years. No doubt wasteful and pointless. But some thoughts are beyond control. Beyond manipulation.

And you go there in complacency. You go there in happiness.

You can play in your now. In what is. No rewinding. Only a firm footing and presence. Confidence in each moment. Today is that day. Reboot. Start from the bottom. Every day. This day. Nevermind the sensory callbacks of what was, or never came to be. Today has it’s own set of messages for you. I know this.

…Takes me a minute. But I know.

Contentment can be a real joker. Keep on.


Gloomy Day Throwback to My First Crush

I figured I’d lighten my recent funk by revisiting some dusty memories. I got a text from my daughter this morning of two goofy coffee drinks that belonged to her and The BF Supreme. It got me thinking about how times have changed. When I was her age, you were lucky to get a photo of you and your Schmoopsie Poo, and that was only if an industrious friend carried a 110 around. Maybe a 35mm. And I remembered a gal I could never quite seem to get a picture with…she was never my girlfriend. But she was my magical, 7th grade, all things amazing, unforgettable first crush. Continue reading “Gloomy Day Throwback to My First Crush”

My Favorite Internet Doggos (and Puppers)

My 5 year old daughter came home today with a thousand questions about 9/11. Maybe more. I could tell she really needed to talk about it. Just talk. So that was what we did this afternoon. We talked…20170911_235955 She started talking about the people who helped. And saved. And shared.  Specifically, a story they discussed in class where groups of travelers offered rooms to each other when they were stranded. This was very interesting to her. Because “they didn’t even know each other!” Which made her reflect on the kindness of such an act. Indeed. I started explaining to her that that was the beauty in that awful time. That everyone stood together. It didn’t divide us. I trailed, inadvertently over to the contrast between that time and the morale of our nation today. It got to me. And I cut our conversation short. Much like I’m going to do now.

It’s been a difficult day between that and some family issues my dad and I have been left to iron out.

So….Because it makes me feel better, here are all of my favorite internet dogs..Enjoy!

(In no particular order because greatness knows no rank) 🐶





Ernie Pooh


Jake and Addie

Jake is blind and the happiest guy I know




Toby Littledude




……And one cat. Chippo. Because he’s worth it.

Resting my Mind

This past few weeks I’ve been trying to take my mind down a few notches, and get myself mentally prepared for the upcoming class schedule, new year. New people. Challenges. Changes. Healing from past obstacles. Readying myself for new ones. Sorting through love, loss and friendship. The vibration of a full house again finally. All of it. Continue reading “Resting my Mind”

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