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…on a run with Gabey early this morning. 🕷


“The Middle”

I have been reflecting on the changes around me lately. How it happened and the part I played. I realize how much has improved but also…the things I still struggle with that keep me from feeling balanced. Sorting out the things I feel I deserve some grace on, against the things I know I deserve none…

Some of those things I struggle with will always fall somewhere in between the two.
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“A Winter’s Day”

It’s been a hectic week and I have mixed feelings about the fact that I haven’t had much to post. There have been times in my past where I was hurting so bad that I needed to get a lot out, consistently. And times where I was so full of the joy in my days that I wanted to share that, too. I’m happily somewhere in the middle of a pleasant adjustment period right now and my thoughts are level.

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